September 4, 2009 - Friday

Thunderstorms in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon.

A good day. I woke up this morning because of a thunderstorm. I got up, checked for news and watched for a few minutes. I was up before my alarm, so I started taping the news and then went back to bed.

I got up later, and got on with my day. I watched the news. Hurray. I also had an early class, so I did things earlier than I normally would on a Friday. I was running late too, so instead of making an omelette, I decided to make scrambled eggs instead. Yum. I made them with some leftover veggies from last night and a bit of cheese.

I biked over to the school, got there at a good time and got ready for my class. I had set it up yesterday, but I had to sweep the school, dust a little and get the water going. The usual. I did everything and my new student came right on time.

We had a pretty good class, considering that it was her first one, and she hasn't studied for a long time. She speaks too much Japanese, but that's fairly standard for older (and younger) students. I just do my, "Sorry, what did you say?" bit and hope it gets the point across. I also ask her to not speak Japanese in class, but that takes time.

After she left, I tidied the school, and prepped for tomorrow a little. Most of it had already been done, but I don't have my early class tomorrow so I may not have as much prep time as I like. I do plan to get there a couple o f hours early though.

I biked home and on the way stopped at the craft store. I had a good scout around looking for wool and patterns. I found a couple of lovely books but they were expensive and I want cheap ones! I was thinking I might like to crochet something on the plane, but it needs to be easy and preferably in one colour. I can't be switching colours. I may not end up doing it, but it's nice to think about. The twelfth is going to be a very long day.

I made a quick trip through the drugstore, and then went to the bank machine and deposited my money. I had my passbook with me this time and it did show up, so I think I did it right!

At home F was there already. He'd barred the door so I had to ring the doorbell. He'd forgotten I was home early tonight. We vegged for a while and then went out for dinner. We tried a new for us place, Japanese food, but nice. They serve soba, udon and sushi. I had tempura and udon, F had tempura and soba and then he added on a little sushi. It was all really nice. Sometimes I don't like Japanese restaurants because they a)freak out because I'm a foreigner, b) serve Japanese food...depending on the day I may not be in the mood for it, and c) they're smoky/dirty/crowded/noisy/or nosey. This place was none of the above. I think we'll be back. F liked it a lot.

We came home and had a quiet evening. I was working on my computer but got really sleepy so I went and took a nap. I got up later just so I could blog for all of you. Isn't that special?

Anyway, that was my day. It was pretty good. The early class and then the later one taking a night off meant that I had an interesting and fun day. Night!


Rachel said...

Thanks for thinking of us and getting up to blog! Amazing, I would never have bothered but then you know that already as I only blog every week or so!

Think of ME on the plane. That is, think of how much harder it is with 3 kids and you might be able to relax a little more! Oh the bliss of 12 hours to myself with just some books to read, new movies to watch and free wine to drink! Yes please!

Helen said...

Oh, I understand about travelling with kids, my poor mother had to do it by herself all the time when we were little. But, I have F! As long as his back isn't bothering him, he's fine, but if it is he gets cranky. He also hasn't travelled as much as I have, so he gets quite uptight and is hard to be around.

And, I never! Seriously.It gives me a headache. I'm trying to decide if I want to take a book or two or one book and some crochet.

Going to bed before midnight is only for when I'm sick! I'm a total night owl so it wouldn't have worked!

Thanks for visiting :-)