September 5, 2009 - Saturday

Hot and sunny. Gorgeous day.

I had a good day. I got up and there was news on so I watched it. Yay. I watched a bit of the German news today too. I don't understand German, but they talked about Michael Jackson's funeral. F came home during the news and he basically accused me of sleeping on the couch. Hmm.

We had a longer morning at home today as my early class had cancelled. We went out and had lunch in a spiffy restaurant. We both had fish. It came with soup, salad, bread or rice and coffee. There were a couple of other things to eat as well. After lunch we did a little bit of souvenir shopping. We went to a farmer's market like building. It wasn't as fun as a farmer's market, but it was okay. It was nice to see "real" veggies, not the perfect ones in the shops.

After an ice cream and then a stop in a convenience store to get some potables for my school, I went to work. Even though I planned to relax for most of the time, I didn't! I ended up redecorating and cleaning. I also finished something I needed to do for a class in October. Yay me. Finally, I had done enough, so I read my papers and drank my oolong tea.

My classes went well today. A student that I thought was finishing has told me she'd like to continue but can only come on a casual basis. It's not good for her English, but I'm glad not to lose a student.

After my classes I finished up, did paperwork, planning and washing up. Then I called my husband and left a message. He called back about 10 minutes later. He came and picked me up and we discussed where to have dinner. We decided to go to Grado by bicycle.

We dropped off the car at home and then rode over to the restaurant. We had a nice meal of pork and chicken. Afterwards, we rode home again.

We had a quiet evening for the most part. I watched The Apprentice tonight and it was okay. I think the right person got sent home. I also watched House. I really enjoyed it, except right at the end my husband got it into his head to wash dishes and make a whole lot of noise. Gah! I can't hear conversations when there's background noise and he decides to run water. I couldn't even put on the headphones because he claimed to be watching it too.

Now I'm listening to a podcast of CBC Radio News. So nice to hear news again from home. I don't always have time to listen, but it's so nice to catch up when I do.

Tomorrow I'm not sure what we're going to do. Hopefully things'll go well. Cross your fingers for me! Night.

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