September 6, 2009 - Sunday

Hot and sunny. Gorgeous day.

I slept late today because we went to bed so late last night. Hubby was of course up with the larks. I heard him at 9 am do something with a pump bottle and just knew he was trying to clean our couch. I've been saying for a while that we need to get proper cleaner for our lovely leather couch. He's been wanting to try Mypet, the all purpose Japanese cleaner on it. I was not best pleased to be woken up in case he was spraying our couch with it. He was! Mypet is great for things like tables and doors, but leather? I don't know. Anyway, I yelled at him and told him not to do my side of the couch!

When I got up and we both decided to go out for our brunch, we chose the Washington Hotel first. We went there and they did have lunch but, there were two dishes and two dishes only to choose from. Tuna on rice or beef on rice. I said no thanks to either. I think hubby was a little annoyed at me, but I wasn't in the mood. We ended up over by city hall to a restaurant there. I had pasta with dadacha-mame sauce and F had a Japanese teishoku meal of udon with egg and sushi. Mine was really good.

We ran a couple of errands in the afternoon and then F dropped me off at the International Center while he went to wash the car. I had a snoop through the books and ended up bringing 3 home to join my ever growing pile of "To Be Reads". One is a Ken Follet so I'm sure it'll be good, the other two are non-fiction but look amusing.

We drove out past Sakata next. We went to a little highway stop/road station and walked around a bit. I'm not really sure why he wanted to go there, but it was a nice day and I didn't mind.

We came back to Sakata and I suggested dinner. My first choice was an Indian restaurant, but neither of us knew where it was, so we went to Kappa Sushi. It's another revolving sushi restaurant. We don't have one in Tsuruoka. It's quite fun as they don't just have "sushi", but have desserts and other foods as well. All their plates are 105 yen, which means if a something is better quality you may only get one piece. We ordered a few things and they were delivered by shinkansen. I especially liked a salmon-cream cheese mixture I got. It was yummy. Quite bagel and lox-y on rice.

On the way home I asked if we could stop off at the local book store. It's the only one that sells English books and I wanted to see if they had something for a friend. They did! F also asked if I wanted to go to karaoke tonight. I was a bit surprised but said sure! We hit Jusco for snacks (for HIM) and then continued on to Tsuruoka.

We went to our usual place and had a good time. It wasn't very crowded so we could get in right away. We both sang a lot of stuff, mostly old favourites. Hub did his "Ge-Ge-Ge" song and I did everything that I liked!

When we finished we hit the grocery store up for milk and then came home and relaxed for a while. That was it. We were quite busy today. We had a good day and enjoyed being with each other. I just hope it lasts while we're on holiday!

Got to go. Night!

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