September 8, 2009 - Tuesday

Cold and windy in the morning, hot and humid in the afternoon.

A strange day weatherwise. I went to bed last night and was sweating. It was hot, yet I woke up this morning because I was too cold. I was shivering. There was a strong wind coming in the window. Yuck.

I got up today, showered very soon after and then started on my soup. I had put the stock making veggies in the crockpot last night, so today I had to turn the stock into soup. I added some chicken and a few vegetables, but I didn't have that much.

I was lucky today because WOWOW was showing two great movies today. I caught the last part of Body Heat, which I hadn't seen since I was almost too young to watch it, and Away From Her. The later is a Canadian movie starring Julie Christie and a terrific Gordon Pinsent. He's one of Canada's best actors, but is mostly known in Canada. Julie Christie had the showy part, that of a woman with Alzheimers, but Gordon Pinsent had to play a reserved man in terrible pain from losing his wife that way. The director was Sarah Polley, who is quite a well known actress both in Canada and the world.

I left for work just after the film ended and got to work. My first class went quite well. We kept going off in tangents about the teaching of English, but it was fun and interesting.

After my student left, I did a bit of prep and then I read the newspapers for the last 3 days. I was finished the third one, and got ready for my next class. She cancelled 2 minutes before class was supposed to start. Sigh. I did more prep and after a while called F to come and get me.

We came home and started making dinner. I put some bought cabbage rolls in my soup, plus a bit of seasoning, then set the table. F made us some chichimi. It was good, but the cabbage rolls weren't quite as cooked as I would have liked and the soup was only okay. I didn't have enough real veggies to add to it. The chichimi was good, but I thought it was too thin.

F did the dishes and at 11 we settled in to watch American Idol again. We missed most of the preliminaries back when they were on, because we didn't really know about the channel they are on. It was fun though. The big news from watching AI was I finished the Clapochet for F! I finally finished crocheting it and then I darned in the loose ends. Done! I'll try and post pictures tomorrow. I want to do it in the daylight, because artificial light doesn't do it justice.

So, basically, that was my day. It was okay. F and I were almost angry with each other when we made dinner, but I think a lot of it has to do with our different styles. And our small kitchen!

Mostly a good day then. Tomorrow I do have a class in the early evening, then we'll see. Hope tomorrow is a good day for me! Night.

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