September 9, 2009 - Wednesday

Cool in the morning, then hot and sunny, with rain at night.

I got up this morning, checked out the news which wasn't on. Ended up watching a bit of Star Trek instead.

I had a good morning at home, followed by a nice afternoon at home. I did watch a movie I taped a couple of weeks ago, Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts. It was great but there was one fight scene that was incredibly brutal. I usually don't mind violent fighting scenes, but this was really realistic and I was wincing and covering my eyes a lot during this scene. Very good movie though. Partially in Russian which was sad as the subtitles were only in Japanese.

Around 4 I went to my school, got ready for my class and taught my student at 5:00. She was amazing today. I had her writing and speaking. At the end of the class we had a couple of free moments, so we played Crazy Eights. She picked up the rule card and I asked her if she could read it. She read the first sentence unaided. I was amazed. I gave her some homework and sent her off.

I finished up, set up my classes for tomorrow and was deciding if I should bike home or wait for F, when I realized it was raining outside. Hard. I stayed put!

F didn't pick me up until after 8:00pm as he was still working. Sigh. We came home to change and then we went to New York New York to have dinner. I had chicken, which was quite nice. F had a burger and he liked his too.

F was going to have an early night, but I noticed that American Idol was on TV, so he got up to watch it. Tonight they did Jacksonville and it was quite funny. It felt a bit odd sitting on the couch not doing any crochet.

Anyway, that was most of my day. It was quite good. Tomorrow I have to start packing and getting ready to go for my trip. Saturday morning will be an early one.

Oh, I may be able to blog when I'm away, occasionally but don't miss me too much. I likely won't post on Friday night as I can't stay up as late when I'll have to be up around 6 or so. Sigh.

Later! Night.

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