October 5, 2009 - Monday

Cloudy, but no rain.

Today was another one of those weird days where I woke up early and then stayed up. I didn't plan on it, but it happened. I woke up before F. left for work, helped him put his socks on, and then drank some coffee and ate a bagel. Yum. I watched Celebrity Apprentice from the weekend, Piers won, but I think we all knew he was going to though. Trace Adkins sang on the show and I was surprised at how good he was. I hadn't actually heard him sing before.

I also started doing laundry, so it was quite late before I opened up my computer and checked email. I didn't mind that much to be honest.

I washed a ton of laundry. I'd foolishly left most of it before I went to Canada, so I had to do it now. Still, it's done now. I wasn't desperate for clean clothes, just didn't want the mound to suffocate me while I slept!

I had a lazy day really, but around 4 pm decided to go out. I originally had planned to go to the hundred yen shop, but changed my mind and went to a packaging store near Ginza-dori. I had a couple of odd things happen before I went out.

The first thing was that I found this huge bug on my bicycle seat. F said it was a kind of grasshopper. It was big, but a lovely green colour. I couldn't bring myself to hurt it, so I shooed it off my bike. It flew onto someone else's bike!

Then, when I'd taken my bike outside the shelter, I tried to blow up the tires a bit. I did quite well until the pump exploded on me! Something happened and the metal top of the pump broke into pieces and rained down on the ground. I'm lucky that I didn't get one in me. I think it must have been metal fatigue because I don't think I'm that strong!

I spent some time in the packaging store and finally found some bags that I liked. I originally thought I'd get 50 bags for the omiyagi, but later I found a smaller bundle of nice bags with only 20. That's enough for my purposes. I got some ribbon as well, then came home.

When F came home, he wanted to have ramen again. I got a bit angry with him. I don't mind spaghetti once in a while, but I don't want it every day. It annoys me that he can (and wants to) have noodles for every. single. meal. Grow up! Variety is much healthier. We finally decided on Cocos. He had some Japanese comfort food, while I had a hamburger and prawn, with salad. We both tried their tea of the month, Western Pear tea. It was nice.

We came home via the grocery store. I've decided that I'm going to cook tomorrow night. He can have noodles if he blooming wants to, but I'm not going to.

We had a quiet evening at home. He was going to watch something on TV, but I let out an exclamation about a show that I'd missed and he stopped. I actually wasn't going to stop him, just was mad that I'd forgotten I wanted to watch something earlier.

He's off in bed now and I'll follow soon. I'm a bit tired. This is the latest I've been up since I came home. I really don't mind as I'd like to get a little back in my old ways. However, I think I'll give up the 3:00 am bedtime if I can keep myself to that.

Got to go. Night!

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