October 1, 2009 - Thursday (Late)

Sunny and humid.

My plane ride back to Japan went well. We ended up being about 45 minutes late back to Japan. I got through the whole Immigration/picking up suitcase/going though Customs thing fairly smoothly, and then caught the bus to my hotel. I checked in and found out that my room had been upgraded. Yay! It was a nice room, a little bigger than I expected.

Even though I was tired, I decided to have dinner. I went downstairs and had the dinner buffet then went to bed. I didn't sleep that well, I think I was still feeling the effects of the cold and the motion of the plane.

On Thursday morning, I got up at 8:00am and took a bath and then a shower. I went downstairs and had a huge breakfast.

After breakfast I went back upstairs, repacked my backpack and checked out. I caught the bus back to Narita, then bought a bus ticket over to Haneda. I caught the bus with 2 minutes to spare!

The bus trip flew by. I finished reading my Janet Evanovich "Fearless Fourteen". Once I was over at Haneda, I checked my bag right away then did a little shopping. I looked around a lot, but only bought a new book.

I took a bit of time out and went up on the roof of the airport, to the observation deck. Up there I watched airplanes, people and drank an iced tea. It was a lovely way to spend part of the afternoon.

Afterwards, I decided that I might as well go through security so that I wasn't running at the last moment. I bought myself another tea, an Assam Black Tea Latte at Starbucks, and sipped it at my gate. It was so good. It might even become a favourite drink.

I got on the plane and read more of another book, Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang. I didn't have any trouble on the plane. The lady who was sitting one seat away from me put her bags on the seat and they remained there for the entire trip. I very much doubt that that would have been allowed in Canada!

I had to wait at Shonai Airport for quite a while as F. was still working. Luckily he was able to finish before I got too tired of waiting and picked me up. He took me to Bistro De Pointes, which was lovely.

When we got home, I stayed up and read email, he went for a nap. Unfortunately, I didn't see much more of him that night. I went to bed just before midnight. That was my trip back.

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Kelly said...

Welcome back! That was quick! Sounds like you had a good time anyway, apart from the cold. :)