October 16, 2009 - Friday

Sunny but cool.

Today I got up at my usual time and discovered that there wasn't any news on. I was tired, so guess what? I went back to bed and slept for a couple more hours. It was supposed to be for 45 minutes, but I overslept! Oops.

In the afternoon, I didn't do a whole lot. F called to say he was coming home for a bit. He had a Union meeting he had to go to today so he had taken time off for it. He did a little grocery shopping while I got dressed in a hurry!

After he left again, I debated with myself about going to get a haircut, but talked myself out of it. Then, he came home a little after 5 pm.

I was watching The X-Files movie, and when it was over, I asked him to take me shopping. We went to the Uniqlo in Tsuruoka, then to the drugstore. We got some nice stuff. Yay!

F took us to dinner tonight. He wanted yakiniku, so we went across town to a place there. It was good, but I managed to spill their sauce all over the table and the waitress (who was there at the time) didn't even bring me a cloth, or ask if I would like one. Sigh.

We went to Yamaya after dinner and I picked up some Halloween goodies for my students. It's a little complicated for me because I have a student with an egg allergy. It's surprising how much candy has egg in it.

We came home after buying our goodies and watched Blindness. I had heard that it was strange and it was. I didn't like it very much. F went to bed on it, and I think he was wise. I'm now watching Stargate, the original movie. It's so cool to see James Spader again, when he was cute and adorable.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm back to work. I have two classes tomorrow afternoon, and I hope that they go well.

I'll try and catch up with you all tomorrow night. Bye for now!

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