October 2, 2009 - Friday

Cloudy and humid, then rainy most of the day.

I didn't sleep well again last night. I think I was just too hot. The basement in Canada was nice and cool, but it's still quite humid and warm here. When F got up for work around 6:30, I did too. His back was so bad today that I had to help him put his socks on. He couldn't bend over enough to do it.

I got up for real around 8:00 am and started on my computer. I also started watching the TV I had taped when I was away. It was a blend of Cold Case and Celebrity Apprentice. Both were enjoyable. I had about 6 hours taped, but I got through it all.

Although I had planned to go out during the day, I didn't. The weather wasn't great so I decided to stay home. The rain wouldn't have done my cold any good.

After F came home, we went out for dinner to New York, New York. I had chicken, which I had to cut up very small in order to swallow it. Ack. My throat is still really sore and swallowing is difficult. Unfortunately, my ears are still sore too. They did seem a little better after dinner, but F is probably going to take me to a doctor tomorrow. I'm actually a bit glad about it.

We did a few things on the way back from the restaurant. We paid our overdue phone bill, visited my school and bought a few groceries. I had been a bit shocked earlier today when I tried to find something to eat. All I could find was canned soup. There was nothing else to have.

At home again we watched Knocked Up, which was kind of funny and kind of dumb. I thought F might like it, but he didn't really. He went to bed on it.

I'm going to go soon as I'm still quite jetlagged and not well. Bleck. Anyway, have a good night. Bye!

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