October 21, 2009 - Wednesday

Sunny with lots of rain at night.

I had an okay day today. I got up and watched Hotel Babylon as the news wasn't on. "Will no one rid me of this cursed baseball?" I'd just like to ask.

Around the apartment today I did my laundry and then ran a bookmooch to the post office. I'd received a request earlier in the week, but hadn't been able to get out until now. After visiting the post office I visited the convenience store to get a quick bite to eat.

I left for work today around 4, but I didn't go straight to work. I stopped off at the ATM, then at the craft store. Unusually, I knew what I wanted to get and I just picked it up. I bought a basket for my school. Lately the cards that I use with students have become a messy pile, so I decided to get a basket that I can put them in. I also hit the drugstore on the way to the school for a couple of nice beverages for me.

At the school today, I prepped props for one of tomorrow's classes and then I read the newspaper. When the student came, we had a remarkably good class. He was tired, but seemed to handle himself better than he does on Fridays.

After my class I finished prepping and doing paperwork, then called my husband. He'd just come home, so instead of cooking our dinner for us, took us out to dinner. We went to New York New York, which was only okay. I find it a bit boring really. It is cheap, but the menu doesn't change and it is a really no frills restaurant.

We came home and I finally got F to translate a letter for me that I've been after him to do for 2 weeks. Argh! We watched American Idol reruns at the same time, so I didn't do any crochet, I tried to work on a database. I've never done a database before, so it was a little difficult. I think I may have an idea what I'm doing now, but I'm not a hundred percent sure!

That's about it really. Tomorrow I should have two classes in the evening. Hopefully my day will be good. Later!

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