October 22, 2009 - Thursday

Clear and sunny.

I got up this morning and of course, there wasn't any news on. But, there was a great British drama instead, the first part of State of Play. I saw the movie this year, after watching the miniseries, and even though it starred Russell Crowe (my favourite actor) it wasn't a patch on the original series. I've already written the next episode on the calendar so I won't forget.

I had a late shower. I was just going to jump in when I got a call from hubby checking some translations. I talked to him for a little, but finally cleaned up my act.

I had a quiet afternoon. I've been working on making a database of my school's reading books. I'm at the point now where I have so many novels for learners that I might accidentally buy a duplicate. If I can print out a list I hopefully won't do that.

I went off to school around 4, made good time, and then got to work. I prepped the school for my first student and she called a few minutes before the class started to cancel. Sigh. During her time, I worked on my column for my woman's group. It was going great guns when I had to stop for my other class.

The girls came, a little late, but their mother called so I didn't worry. They did really well today. I think they are working quite hard and today it seemed like the younger one did a lot better than the older one.

After my clean-up I called F and he came to get me. We mailed off a letter and then went home. I had left hubby a box of macaroni gratin to make for us for dinner. He very carefully went to the store to get some onion for the mix, and didn't think about any of the other ingredients or what we'd eat with the macaroni! ARGH. My plans to have a salad were dashed. Still, I opened a bag of string beans that were in the freezer and I stirfried them with a little bit of red wine vinegar, ham and a dash of dill. They were quite delish! The gratin was a bit runny, but otherwise good, and the beans were nice, so we had a nice meal at home for a change. As F did the bulk of the cooking, I did the dishes and then we had a quiet evening in.

I watched ER and F snoozed on the couch. I was disappointed that he did that as he likes ER, but I did tape the show so he can re-watch it if he likes.

That's it for me. Tomorrow I have one afternoon class, but I might stay at the school and do some writing afterwards. It depends how it goes. I'll talk at you tomorrow night, most likely. Night!

Edited the next day due to over-exclamationitis....things that amuse me at 2 am annoy me at 11 am.

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