October 25, 2009 - Sunday

Warm and sunny.

I wasn't sure how today would go, but it wasn't bad at all. F got up early as always and made himself useful. He cleaned the bath (good, because he's the only one who uses it) and the room outside the bath, and also the toilet. I'm not as sure about those because I have no idea what he used to clean them, but maybe I shouldn't look gift horses in the mouth. Now if only he'd work on the living room, and clear off the coffee-table or something really useful!

He wanted to go fishing as soon as possible, so I got dressed in my disreputable clothes and we went out. When we were putting things in the car, I noticed that there was a large branch just hanging in the tree above our parking space. It looked like someone had thrown it up there and left it. It wasn't attached to the tree at all. I pointed it out to F and instead of ignoring it like 95% of people would, he grabbed his fishing net and knocked it safely to the ground. My hero! No-really. I know it sounds silly, but we do get some big windstorms and it might have either hit someone or damaged a vehicle. If not ours, then one of our neighbours' cars.

We drove off to Yura today and found a place in the port. It was a nice day and a good one for fishing. We didn't catch anything for ages. I caught the first fish, a little sardine. We threw it back because it was too small. I ended up catching 3 decent-sized aji, and F caught 2 maberu and 3 or 4 aji. So, it wasn't a bad day out. Mind you, we spent a long time at the port. It started to get quite dark after a while and even under the street lights we couldn't see well.

We came home, F cleaned the fish (YAY) and then we went out for dinner. We were going to go for pasta, but changed our minds and went for tonkatsu instead. We had a really nice meal and then went to the grocery store.

We came home and that's when it went downhill again. Despite my telling my husband that I wanted to watch one of the programmes that he channel surfed by, he insisted on putting on some stupid kickboxing/fighting thing. So, I spent a second evening in a row listening to things on my computer. Tonight I listened to a bunch of Canadian podcasts, so it wasn't wasted time at least.

Anyway, it's late and I'm tired now. I hope that tomorrow will be good. I'm hoping to go out shopping. Wish me luck! Night.


Anonymous said...

I hate watching sports.... and I'm selfish.. I have always played the "I want to watch my English Shows"...

I put an end to that.. I grabbed the remote and said "go read a book or something" lol

I'm not that much a bitch but being in Japan... is a compromise everyday...esp with English...

I found a perfect solution... buy more TV's, and we did ... I don't want him to miss her comedy shows and I won't miss the O.C....

Helen said...

I don't think we have any place to put a second TV. I like the idea, and will suggest it, but... don't think we'll get one.

Thanks for visiting though!

medea said...

I hate when I want to watch something and my husband puts on some stupid sports thing. I've pretty much given up on the tv. I can watch shows on my computer, and it is nicer not to get my hopes up when I find something I want to watch and he changes the channel!

What Canadian podcasts? I am always looking for good podcasts!

Helen said...

I listen to DNTO (Definitely Not the Opera) and the new one that Shelagh Rogers does, The Next Chapter. I like Quirks and Quarks, but don't really listen too often.

And, I try and listen to the CBC evening news every once in a while.

What do you listen to?