October 26, 2009 - Monday

Rainy and cloudy all day.

I got up at my usual time this morning and actually saw a few minutes of some US news, so was able to stay up and didn't collapse in a heap when baseball started at 9:10 ish. Of course, when I looked at the clock, it still said 8:40! It stopped this morning, round about the time I got up. Weird. I replaced the battery and then gave it a good old cleaning. It needed it.

I had a lazy morning in. I read the Sunday and Monday papers, which was a nice treat. I also was surprised to see Tsuruoka in the listings for things to do. Apparently the Okuribito bath-house is allowing people to come in and see the place where the movie was made. Eventually, the building will be moved to the local movie museum grounds. A surprising number of films are made in Shonai and area.

I really lazed around the house today. I had planned to go out, but there wasn't any let up in the bad weather, so I stayed home. I did spend a lot of time searching for a push-pin. This morning F had knocked down the calendar in the toilet room, and lost the pin. He left me a note saying he couldn't find it, and I spent a goodly part of the morning looking for it. I couldn't find it either. However, what I did find was a little strange. I looked in the tatami room, just across from the toilet room and it seemed that the room was cold and the curtains were moving just a tad. I went over and discovered that when F had put his fishing cooler on the balcony, he hadn't closed the door afterwards. He hadn't even drawn the screen across the door. Who knows what kind of bugs are in that room now? Ack.

I did a little bit more cataloguing of my school's books, but I'd forgotten the big bag of books at my school on Saturday, so I wasn't able to do too many. I got a few done though.

F called to say he was coming home and I made one more search of the toilet room. This time, I found the pin! Eureka. I hung up the calendar.

We had an okay and late dinner at Kintaro sushi as hubby was tired and didn't feel like cooking tonight. (He was going to do the fish.) It was okay. It was at the end of the night for the restaurant, so they didn't have all of the fish I wanted, but they had enough. We came home afterwards.

F watched a bunch-o-crap for an hour or so tonight, but did turn off the telly when he had his bath. When he came back I announced that I was going to watch TV from 11:00 pm on. Hah. And I did. I know he doesn't mind Grey's Anatomy as he quite likes Sandra Oh.

And that was about that. He shuffled off to bed around midnight, and I watched Private Practice after Grey's, so I got my English tv fix for the night.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm back to work. I have two classes and I hope that they'll go well. I'm going to do Halloween stuff in one of them. The other, probably not! Wish me luck...Night!


Anonymous said...

Hey Helen, I was reading my other comment.. and I said "her", instead of "him"? lol

We have hikari, so I have been catching u on GA season 4, and DH season 4, it sure is getting exciting.

Helen said...

It's funny but my hubby likes both of those shows so I wouldn't have any trouble watching them around him!

And, I noticed your mistake, but understood what you meant anyway :-) No worries. Thanks for visiting ;-)