October 28, 2009 - Wednesday

Sunny and cool.

An okay day. I woke up quite early this morning and ended up getting up. I didn't really want to stay up, but I did, more or less. But, the good thing is the news was on. The end got chopped off, but it was still news. At 10 I watched Hotel Babylon, so honestly it was rather late when I took my shower and got out of my pajamas!

Also this morning I wrapped my sister's birthday present. Now I just have to mail it. In the afternoon, I watched Merlin on tape (anyone else watching it?) and while it was on did a lot of prep for dinner tonight. I was making stirfry and since I worked a bit late tonight, wanted to make it easy on myself.

I was settling in for some telly and computer time, when my husband called. He was coming home. What? Basically he needed to see the doctor to have an updated medical check. Okay. He went off, but was back much too soon in my opinion!

He offered me a lift to work, so I made my late lunch and ate it. I was a bit annoyed because he took up the spot on the couch that I always sit at when I eat lunch, but it was hard to get angry at him today.

We went to a couple of drugstores on the way to my school. We were looking for decent toilet paper. I'm very picky...I have to be. I can't use recycled and I definitely don't want anything perfumed. The first place we went didn't have ANYTHING that fit my criteria. The second did, so I just hope its better than the last stuff. I told F I might start ordering it from FBC. I was joking, mostly, but being home last month I noticed how nice Canadian TP really is!

I went to the school and got ready for my class. Mostly it was prepped, so I had to change and cue tapes, etc. Class was okay. I did something different for the beginning and it worked quite well. The student was a bit silly at first, but then he understood the game and things went well. Next week we'll start the book properly, up til now, we've been doing the intro. But, one sad for me thing was I checked with his mum after class about his schedule and it seems he'll still have to come on Wednesdays. Darn. That means I have one class each on Wednesdays and Friday. It's a pain really because I liked having Wednesdays off, and only one class per day doesn't really pay for opening my school. Guess I'll have to get more students.

F. picked me up and took me to the grocery store again. I was going to complain but I realized I needed stuff too, so I got it. We came home and I started to cook.

I just made a pork stirfry, but it was very good. I used a bit of eggplant this time, which I don't usually, but turned out okay. It didn't take long as my prep was done. We ate and it was really good.

I did the dishes as F was half asleep on the couch. He woke up towards the end with his patented, "Oh, I'll do the dishes", but they were almost all done. Sigh. It wasn't a big deal tonight anyway. I don't use many dishes with my stirfry.

We watched the American Idol rerun again tonight and it was okay. I did more of my crocheting. F went to bed quite early. He's not feeling well. I hope he didn't pick something up at the Doctor's today.

Tomorrow I have a couple of evening classes and I should run to the post office as well. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Night!

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