October 4, 2009 - Sunday

Sunny and warm in the daytime, rainy at night.

I woke up quite early today. I think I woke up for good around 6 am, and ended up getting up around 7 am. I intended to have some tea and then go back to bed after my throat felt better, but F seemed so pleased that I was up that I didn't go back to bed! He went out to buy bagels, but when he first went there, there weren't any. He went back an hour later to get some, and to get me some English Muffins.

We had a real live breakfast at home. He'd made miso soup, noodles and I toasted some of the muffins, so it was nice.

F asked me if I'd like to go for a drive, so I said I would. I thought we'd be toodling off somewhere close and be back in an hour or so. Not! We ended up driving to Mt. Gassan. It's quite far away and the road is very narrow and treacherous. There were lots of buses on the road too, which didn't help. Because the trees are all changing colour now, it's a big season for Japanese people to come and observe the changing of the leaves. As you may know, Japan has 4 seasons, and Autumn is one of them.

At the parking area at Mount Gassan we took a few pictures and then had lunch at the restaurant. Today was the last day they were open so I guess it was our only chance. We had....noodles. They weren't bad honestly, I'm just tired of always getting them these days.

We drove back down the mountain and it was scary. F was tailgating a car so closely that they actually pulled over and let him by. He doesn't seem to understand that people DO NOT like other cars right up their butts. Then we ended up as the second car behind a bus and he didn't like that much either. When there was a chance to get off the mountain road, he did. We went to a place that offers Ghengis Khan. Hubby asked if I wanted some, but I was still full from lunch. We did have some kakigori though, which was quite nice.

We came back home for a while and vegged. We ended up by taking a long nap which was lovely!

We went out for dinner around 7 pm. F wanted to go to the okonomiyaki shop, but I refused on the grounds of not wanting any more damn noodles. We went to Jiro instead and had chicken. Well, I did. He had curry. We came straight home afterwards and watched the James Bond movie that was on TV. I'd seen the ending many times, but never the beginning. It was the one with Michelle Yeoh. She's very cool.

I'm probably going to go to bed soon. I'm still a bit sick, jetlagged and tired, so it would be a good idea. Talk to you tomorrow. Night!

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