October 7, 2009 - Wednesday

Cloudy, with a bit of rain at night.

There's a typhoon heading through Japan. So far we haven't seen any of it, and I hope that we don't, but I know a lot of worried foreign wives in the Southern part of Japan right now. Oh the joys of living on this weird little group of islands....it's either wind and rain or earthquakes, or insects, or mudslides or.....something.

I got up around 8 this morning which is still early in my books. However, I'm sort of enjoying the extra time. I'm using it to read my newspaper and just veg. I watched a bit of TV this morning too...I saw Hitman which I'd have to say is one of my recent guilty pleasures. Timothy Olyphant is quite yummy, even bald! Bad movie, but it tried hard, so I enjoyed it. Mind you, I like violent movies!

During the day I didn't do a whole heck of a lot. I got my Journal from AFWJ and have spent a bit of time reading it. I quite like a lot of what's in there this time. Later in the afternoon, I got some insurance things together and went off to the post office to mail it in.

I continued my venture out of the apartment by going to the mall. I hacked around the 100 yen shop and bought a few necessaries, then went downstairs and bought myself a cup of Royal Milk Tea and a calzone. Yum. I checked out the meat shop in the grocery store to see if there was a chicken in their freezer, but there wasn't. Monday is a holiday here, and it's also Thanksgiving back home, so I thought about doing something nice for it, but I was foiled. Drat.

I came home and spent some time trying to understand the news in Japanese. Didn't succeed.

When F came home we hummed and hawed about dinner. Honestly, when I hear F say, "I can eat anything" I'm reminded that so can goats....Not sure why that's such a special thing to him. I just came back from eating some really good Canadian and Ethnic foods and I just don't want to eat boring old Japanese food. Yuck.

We went to Framboise and had a lovely dinner. It was a good choice for us actually as F could have Japanese food and I had a steak. After dinner we went to a grocery store so F could take some woman who won some election for something some oranges and canned drinks. I'm still a bit of a question mark about the whole thing too. Actually tonight was one of those nights when F and I just couldn't connect about anything. I felt at dinner that he wasn't listening, since every time I said something I got a blank stare and then a quizzical look from him. Usually followed by a "What?" Gah.

We went to OUR grocery store finally where we bought a few things for breakfast for me and some things for us. We also bought some apples.

At home I watched a thing about Spielberg talking about his movies, and at 11 we settled in to watch the American Idol rerun.That was rather fun. F did some translating for me, and then typed it into his computer so I can send it tomorrow.

Now it's late and I'm really tired, so I think I'll just go to sleep. Back to work tomorrow. Night!

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