October 8, 2009 - Thursday

Rainy and windy all day. Lots of rain, lots of wind.

I got up this morning and had a lovely and quiet morning to myself. I rather enjoyed myself actually. I read the newspaper, had some raisin toast and just tried to forget about the typhoon on its way.

I finally got round to watching some telly too. I watched Merlin which I rather liked. I watched a cooking show set in London, where a Taiwanese woman takes a wok to places and cooks there. Her food looked so yummy, but I didn't get her recipes.

I had to leave a little early today, so I made sure I was ready to leave by 4 pm. It was raining outside, but I had to be off anyway. I got a bit wet on my way to work, but managed surprisingly well. I passed the same darn "election car" twice. One of the girls in it waved at me and I just shook my head! I can't vote here and I hate all the noise they make.

Classes went quite well today. My first student was late, but she made it today. Yay. We talked about my trip a little and about the news from her family. My second class came on time and we had a good class. We were going great guns through the lesson, but I decided to stop at a good point and play a game. I'm actually glad that I did that, because the girls enjoyed it and they learned or practiced quite a bit of the new vocabulary.

I cleaned up and worked on the puzzle from the Daily Yomiuri. They have a puzzle from the Sunday supplement that I enjoy doing. It's not a crossword puzzle, but it's similar. They give you 3 letters and you have to figure out all the other letters in the puzzle. I rather enjoy it. This week's one seemed rather easy.

F came to get me and we went to Grado for dinner. I had pasta, a seaweed sauce with angel hair pasta, and he had the meat dinner. I loved mine, although there wasn't much "soup". His looked really good too.

We came home and he immediately put on some crap reality Japanese show, so I got a little ticked and asked him if he'd rather watch Ugly Betty instead. I'd taped it last night. Luckily he was up for that. We watched it and it was quite fun. Lots of changes in the program.

At eleven, I stopped Betty and put on ER instead. It had many weird things going on and I enjoyed it too. F was doing some translating for me, until he got too tired.

Oh, and the typhoon? I think it has mostly passed us by. We didn't get too much of it here, just some wind and rain. We didn't get the terrible weather that the south part of Japan got. So, up here, Typhoon 18 wasn't so bad.

That's about it for me for today. I still have quite a lot of jet lag, or what I think is jet lag. I'm still getting really tired early in the evening, and I'm getting up at 8 am for a change. I kind of like it in a way. I feel more "normal". I'm still a night owl though.


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