Happy Halloween! --October 31, 2009 - Saturday

I made this from a template at RobertSabuda.com.

2 of my beautiful Halloween pictures. I made them to show my students what I wanted them to do.

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm off trick or treating tonight. Bye!


Kelly said...

Very cute. You went trick or treating around the neighbourhood? Did you dress up in costume?

Helen said...

Actually no, I'm a little old for trick or treating. I thought it was a cute way to say I wasn't going to write much.
Apparently it didn't work.

Orchid64 said...

Love the decorations, especially the bat! :-)

Students love that sort of thing in my experience.

Helen said...

Thank you! If you are so inclined, check out the Robert Sabuda site. There are lots of amazing pop-up cards that you can make. I had fun making this one.