November 11, 2009 - Wednesday - Remembrance Day

Today was a bad weather day. When I got up it was pouring. Just dark and miserable out there. I planned to watch the news and then go back to bed, but I didn't quite do that. I watched the news (which has now been rescheduled to 9:35) and then Hotel Babylon was on, so I had to watch that, and was late and I had to take a shower. Or something. Anyway, I was late doing everything this morning because I was tired. And I never did go back to bed.

In the afternoon I decided to upgrade my computer software. I have upgraded to OS 10.6, but I still have to upgrade the other things in the box, the iLife and iWork. The upgrade went really smoothly, although it did take longer than I expected. My computer seems to be doing well, I'm glad to say. Not like the last one that upgraded just fine, and then died.

I made my brunch quite late and headed off to the school. It wasn't raining when I left. I biked to the drugstore on the way and got some drinks for the next few days and also some sweetener for my coffee.

The class was set up for my student and so I worked on a puzzle before he came. Luckily I put it aside to get ready because he showed up 5 minutes early. I was safe. We had a good class. I have the feeling that what we're studying now was what he studied in school already, although I'm not sure. Anyway, he did really well. It surprised me to be honest. At the end of class we were still working away, and in fact went a little overtime because his mother or family member didn't come until 5 minutes past class time. I'm slightly peeved because he got 10 minutes of extra class time from me, but this is one of the first times that he's worked this hard!

After a bit I called F and asked him to come and get me. He was not doing well. He came to my school and brought me my books from the Expo. I got a lot of catalogues and those lovely books too.

We came home and I was going to cook dinner when I made the mistake of saying something about the ramen that he eats. He stormed off and said he'd have dinner out. Okay then. I'll cook for me. I didn't cook the spaghetti squash as I had planned, so I did mini-hamburgers, french fries and salad. It was okay. When I was just about to start washing up, he came back home with some sushi. Guess he didn't eat out after all.

He ate, and we talked a little. I really didn't want this to turn into one of our fighting for days things. He watched some TV and then when he took his bath I turned it over to American Idol. Tonight Michael was out. It was kind of obvious really. I liked him, but in comparison to some of the other men, he wasn't in the same league.

Hub went to bed a bit after 12, but has been up and down for a bit. His lower back is really bad today. He could hardly walk and is in a lot of pain. The weather doesn't help much.

Tomorrow he's got to go to Yamagata for some union thing. He doesn't want to go, and he has to take a day off for it. It doesn't seem fair that he loses a day off for something he doesn't want to do, does it? He might be back really late tomorrow night. I tried to tell him that if he was too late he should find a hotel somewhere and crash for a couple of hours, but he would rather drive home. I think he's crazy, but he doesn't think so.

Anyway, that was my day. It was okay really. I just hope the weather clears up tomorrow. I have to get myself to and from the school on my own tomorrow and if the weather is bad then it is really miserable to do that. Night.

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