November 12, 2009


Sunny but cool, beautiful day.

I got up at 9 this morning to find my husband taking up the entire couch. I had asked him before I went to bed not to take up the couch in the morning, but to let me sit on it, so I wasn't too pleased. I sat on the couch, turned on State of Play and that's when he decided to make his breakfast. My husband is not a quiet person at the best of times and when I'm watching a British Drama it is definitely not the best of times. I wasn't too happy when he proceeded to cook and then eat, and then clean up afterwards. I put the headphones on because I couldn't hear the TV. He got miffed so he went into the bedroom. I switched over to watch the news, took off the headphones and he came back out. And made more noise. It was all I could do to not bite his head off. I wasn't too sorry to see him go, I didn't want him to be hurt, but he didn't seem to care if he bothered me.

He left and I vegged for quite a while. I vegged for ages actually and it was well into the afternoon before I showered. Tsk, tsk.

After my shower I decided to install the two other disks in my software. I did, but something happened and I lost my keychain. Sigh. I couldn't find my email password. I looked and looked for it. After all, I've had the same piece of paper with it on for 12 years, and how many times have I moved?? Finally, I did find it and got my email up and running again. Yay me.

I left for work around 5. It's already dark then. Very depressing. I made a brief couple of stops on the way. One at another drugstore, one at the craftstore for more tea tree oil.

On the way to my school, I became convinced that the student who usually books for 5:50 was going to come today, even though she had told me she couldn't. I don't know why I thought that! I hurried to the school, and even got changed so that I could teach her if she came. She didn't come at all, but it was nice to be ready early. My students tonight did come on time and we had a pretty good lesson. They haven't been able to come too regularly lately and it's a shame.

After work I finished up and then left the school. I biked first to the grocery store, but a quick tour of the store showed me there was nothing I wanted for dinner. I decided to leave and go to Marumatsu. When I went out to my bike and unlocked it, a funny thing happened. I got really dizzy for a couple of seconds. I honestly thought I might pass out. I don't know why, and it didn't last for long.

I walked then biked when I felt better to Marumatsu and had dinner. It wasn't that great, but it wasn't that awful either. I think the staff there panics a little when they see me by myself, but really I can do menus well. (I'm highly motivated as I like to eat!) I had tempura with udon and french fries. Basically, carb heaven. Sigh. While I was at the restaurant I started to re-read Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married (one of my Sendai 300 yen purchases) and then F called to say he was coming home. Good! Not too late then...if you call 9:45 with a 2 hour drive home not too late. Still, he thought it might be after midnight, so I'll take 9:45 anyday.

I came home, watched a little TV, then ER. I taped it for hubby if he wants to watch it. Hubby was home before midnight. It was nice to see him. He ate a bento he had been given and had some beer. I made some of my lovely White Peach Oolong Tea from Canada for us. So nice.

That's about it for my day. It didn't start that well, but did end better. Tomorrow I have an afternoon class so I have to hustle my bustle a bit more than I did today!

Got to go. Night!

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