November 15, 2009 - Sunday

Rainy and coldish.

A good day. I got up before noon, which surprised me a bit. Still, it was a good thing to be up. A couple of hours later F and I had lunch in Kintaro Sushi. Yum. We drove out to the mall after that.

At the mall, we went to the travel agency to book my tickets for the convention. Yay. I'm going via Sendai, which is a bit of a pain, but I can't really fly from here directly. I could fly to Tokyo and then fly to Sapporo, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. I have no idea how much that would cost either. Anyway, I'm booked. I have to pay in two weeks. No problem.

After the important stuff was done, we hacked around the mall a bit. I got something for my nephew at Uniqlo...actually a bunch of somethings, then had a cappucino with F at Seattle's best. We talked about what to do, and decided to go home and watch a dvd.

We came home and I put on Persuasion, which is the movie version of one of my favourite Jane Austen novel. The movie is wonderful too and I fell madly in love with Ciaran Hinds the first time I saw it. F liked it too, but as I bought the dvd in Canada, it didn't have subtitles. It was a little bit difficult for him, but he said he liked it.

We had dinner in Grado tonight and instead of ordering something plus the usual set, we had Kabocha soup to start, then our favourite pasta. The ironic thing is that I didn't have any meat at all today. Weird for me! The pasta was a fish based one. Very yummy though.

We came home again and vegged for a while. Around midnight I tried to call my sister. I got her answering machine, but she called back and then I called her again. Tomorrow is her birthday, and I wanted to say hello. We talked for a while about lots of things. I don't call her often enough really, but she's so busy it is hard to catch her. Even today she has two soccer practices to go to for her children!

Anyway, it's getting colder here now and I really should get myself off to bed. I have a few things that I need to do tomorrow. Wish me luck with them eh? Night!

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