November 17, 2009 - Tuesday

Rainy all day.

Sorry I'm late with this. I looked at the clock last night at 3 am and just decided that I'd rather get some sleep than blog.

I finally watched Twilight and it wasn't bad. In fact, it was quite charming. I wouldn't say that it was my favourite film, but it definitely was better than the book!

I went off to work around 4. It was darkish, but the rain wasn't too bad then. I got to my school and set up. My first student came for the first time in a few weeks. We had a good class, and he did very well. After a break, my second student arrived. That was a treat. It was her first class in 3 months. She had gone to the US to work on her English and to travel. She had many adventures, so we talked about them.

After class I finished up and then called F. He had just arrived home so changed and then came and picked me up. He was supposed to be in charge of dinner but as he worked late, and I worked late, we went out. It was just Cocos, but it was okay.

We bought some groceries on the way home and then settled in to watch American Idol. They had two episodes on back to back.

Around 3 I just gave up the idea of blogging for the night. I was tired and it would take quite a while to blog and then post it, so I passed for the night. On the whole, a wise decision I think.

Gotta go, work on the doings for today's blog!

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