November 18, 2009 - Wednesday

Cloudy, but not rainy. Bonus!

I had an odd start to today. I woke up when the doorbell rang. At 10:30. I had totally overslept my alarms, missed the news and the Brit TV show that was on. I got up to get my parcel, which had some books from a friend in it. She'd also sent along a Christmas Card, so today, I got my first Christmas Card! Woot.

I did a lot of catch-up today. I did my laundry finally, checked email, blogged because I didn't do that last night, and then finally had lunch. While I was doing the dishes I also washed one of the drip pans around the burners on my stove. Someone (not me) has a nasty habit of cooking noodles and letting them boil over. The pan was in an awful state, but came clean quite easily.

I biked over to the school, but made a stop at the drugstore on the way. It was really busy. I was quite surprised. They had security guards directing traffic and the store was close to crowded. I bought a few things, mostly for me, but a few little "things" for the hubster.

At my school I set to work and put things away quickly. I had to turn on the heater and warm it up. The last couple of days have been 13 degrees or so in the school when I get there.

My student and I had a fairly good class. After class, I did paperwork, finished a puzzle and then called my husband to come and get me.

We came home and I started cooking quite quickly. Tonight we had spaghetti squash with kinoko (mushrooms) and shake (salmon) sauce, salad, and miso pork. I made F cook the pork because I was busy with the squash. Of course he did it too soon, but timing everything is difficult. I made coffee and set the table.

After dinner we settled in and watched another episode of American Idol. We were both surprised that it was on tonight. Still, very enjoyable. I crocheted for a bit during the show, but then stopped and had a gander through our nengajo book. This year there are some amazing cards to make, but I'll have to get more ink for my printer first. Speaking of which, I used it for the first time since upgrading. I had to download a driver, but the OS update knew what to do. Everything seems to be working fine, but I'm not sure I like the updated Printing system.

Anyway, I think I should get myself to bed soon. It's not quite 3, but getting closer. At least I've finished blogging now. Night!

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