November 25, 2009 - Wednesday

Clear, sunny but a bit cool, rainy at night.

Quite a good day really. I got up on time today, watched the news, drank my coffee and then watched Hotel Babylon for good measure. I worked in a hotel when I was younger and it was nothing like that show. We had different sorts of adventures in small town Alberta than in a luxury London hotel.

I was supposed to do a lot of things today, but I didn't. I don't really care to be honest. I'm hoping that I can get Christmas presents wrapped tomorrow, at least some of them. I might even be able to send some tomorrow or Friday.

Around 4 I made my brunch and then headed off for the school. I detoured into the drugstore for my weekly free (as in without husband, not five-fingered discount) shop. I picked up a few things and then went on to my school. I got ready for class quickly and then was able to have some quality newspaper time.

My student came a little more than 5 minutes early which doesn't please me at all. I'm not a baby sitter. Still, I very much doubt it was his fault. We had a pretty good lesson and I think he actually got the target, but whether he can use it properly I'll have to wait and see. His mother was on time to pick him up tonight, sometimes whoever picks him up is late and it's a bit annoying.

I cleaned up, did paperwork and checked lessons for tomorrow. I did a bit of prepping in case we finish and then put everything away. I read papers for a while and worked on the newspaper reading. I got a message from F later and he picked me up and brought me home. At home, I got on with dinner. I made a nice dinner, pork saute, mac & cheese, asparagus, but someone wasn't hungry. He's not doing well these days. He said his stomach wasn't happy, so he left some of the dinner. I did dishes while he took his bath.

We watched American Idol tonight. I liked it, except for Miley Cyrus again. She wasn't as good as the contestants. F fell asleep on the show and went to bed.

I've been trying to get this written for a while but someone woke up and decided to visit the living room and be antsy. Looking at stuff, not talking to me, so honestly I wasn't comfortable enough to write. I stay up late so I can have some peace and quiet and when I can't get it, it drives me crazy.

Anyhoo, apart from the ending, it was a nice day. Tomorrow I have 3 evening classes. I hope they go well. Talk to you later. Night.

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