November 26, 2009 - Thursday

Clear and sunny, very foggy at night.

I got up a bit early today and made myself a pot of coffee. I usually set it up the night before for F, but he didn't want any this morning. It was nice, because I had coffee for the news and my Brit Drama. It was darn good today. I also watched The Perfect Housewife. It had two sisters who were terrible housekeepers competing against each other. I can't compete against my sister when it comes to housekeeping. She's pretty good, I'm terrible. I just don't care!

In the afternoon I didn't feel well. I got a nasty headache and my eyes really hurt. I took a bit of a nap. It was supposed to last only 20 minutes, but I ended up extending it to more than an hour. I felt minimally better afterwards.

I had a late brunch and then headed off to work. I got to the school in lots of time, changed and set up. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to see my first student or not. She cancels quite often, but was right on time today. After my classes started, I didn't have very long breaks at all. In fact, in-between my second and third classes, I had to kick (very nicely of course) the students and their mother out. I do have things to do for the next class you know!

After the last class, I was just starting to do paperwork and was hoping for a quick getaway, when the phone rang. It was F. He told me that his work needed an updated income amount from me. Huh? Haven't we been through this before? And, they didn't need it Monday or anything reasonable, they needed it tomorrow. Grr. So, I spent the next 30+ minutes doing that, checking my figures and guesstimating how much income I'll make by the end of the year.

I was finally finished after 10 pm, so I called hubby and asked him to come and get me. He did and we went to Cocos for a very late dinner. Neither of us were feeling well. I'm feeling better since dinner, but all through my classes I felt rather headachy.

We came home, and that was that. Hubs has gone to bed and I have promised to try to get to bed earlier tonight. I always mean to, it just doesn't happen that often. Anyway, I promised, so that's all you get from me tonight. Night night!

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