November 27, 2009 - Friday

Clear in the daytime, very rainy at night.

An okay day. I did get to bed early last night, well, early for me. It was around 2, so not bad really. The good thing was, when I got up I felt much better. Hurray.

I spent a wasteful morning doing wasteful things, but in the afternoon I had my brunch and then went out to try to get my hair cut. Well, I showed up at the salon, but my stylist wasn't there. Her mother was, but doesn't speak any English, so I got the story but not quite the whole story. Anyway, no haircut today. My hair is just driving me crazy. I'm actually thinking of going somewhere else. I don't want to, but I really need a haircut.

I went over to the mall, visited the hundred yen shop and got a few things for Christmas. I got some flowers for my school, some wrapping paper for me and a few stocking stuffers for my family and friends. I also picked up a comb to keep my hair out of my face. I had a lovely cup of tea in Doutors and just relaxed a bit.

I went home and F arrived a bit later. He was a little surprised that I was home, but I reminded him that my class for today was cancelled.

We went out for dinner to Kintaro and had sushi. It wasn't busy when we first got there, but became busier as we were there. It was quite nice tonight.

I picked up a few things at the drug store and then got F to drive me to my school. He did, which was nice of him. I went in and set up the heater for tomorrow morning. It makes it much nicer if the room is a little bit warm when I arrive.

Tonight we just relaxed a bit at home. We watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which was full of beautiful touches that one would expect from Guillermo del Toro. Having watched (but sadly not understood all of) Pan's Labyrinth, the gorgeousness of the sets and costumes didn't surprise me. Now, F is watching some weird Japanese stage thing. It's quite risque, but done Japanese style, so it's rather like a bunch of sniggering schoolboys and girls putting on a play. He seems engrossed in it, so I can't really make him turn it off. A couple of things that annoyed me were they used music from Strictly Ballroom in it, and also had a group of men in drag lipsynching to I Will Survive. They weren't really lipsynching. They obviously hadn't bothered to learn the song at all. One man was just moving his mouth up and down. Yeuch.

I'll likely go to bed soon. I do have a full work day tomorrow and I don't want to fall asleep on my students. That would be bad! So, anyway, have a good one eh? Night.

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