November 28, 2009 - Saturday

Cloudy most of the day.

A busy day really. I got up, did my morning stuff and then hubby and I went out for brunch. It was only Gusto, but it was okay.

I was dropped off at my school and got to work right away. I did a bit of prepping and then my student came. We had a good class really. She's a sweetie. After she left with her mum, I cleaned up and then had a small break.

When my next student came we had a good class together. Today it was a vocabulary learning class. I think the student had fun.

In my two hour break I had a snack, read the newspaper and more importantly, prepped for a class next week. Yay me! My last student came right on time and we had a fun class. We were using the past tense to talk about world events, but as she's in high school she didn't know about some of them! Before class I looked up a few things that happened since the year 2000 and it helped her quite a bit. She just needed some prompting.

After my class, I cleaned up again, set up for Tuesday's first class, and called my husband to come over. We were going to decorate the school. He came over and was very helpful. We set up the small tree, and I did a lot of (fake) flower arranging. I put up some ornaments too. F put up some of my gel decals, or tried to. Some of them weren't sticky anymore. Poor guy now has glitter all over him!

We stopped work and had coffee or tea afterwards and then left the school. We went for dinner to Grado and had a nice dinner of pork and chicken. There was a birthday party on in the corner so they dimmed the lights and sang Happy Birthday. The waitress warned us beforehand so we wouldn't worry when the lights went out.

We came home via the grocery store and then had a relaxing evening at home. We watched Hancock on tv, and now are watching something weird and Japanese. Those two words just seem to go together sometimes, don't they?

Tomorrow should be a busy day as we have to go to the mall and buy my plane tickets. Crosses fingers that all goes well. Gotta go! Night.

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