November 4, 2009 - Wednesday

Sunny, and warmer.

Today was a busy day. Really. I didn't sit at my computer much at all today. It had a strange and sad event halfway through as well. Read on...

Got up this morning and watched the news. Hurray. I just wish it was good news, but at least I saw it. After a brief bit on my computer I got dressed and headed out. First I hit up the grocery store for more food for dinner, then I visited a new bakery. I didn't get free goodies like last time, but the lady did offer me tastes of some of the breads there. The last one she gave me as I was paying was really yummy. It was a kind of cheese bread, and it tasted like real cheese! Might have to go back for that one.

When I came home I showered and then got busy in the kitchen. I was planning to make dinner tonight in my slow cooker. I'd bought a packet of seasoning in Canada so I was going to have Italian herb chicken. I prepped everything, threw it in the slow cooker, and forgot about it.

Before I had gone out, I had started a load of laundry, so I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking and doing laundry. I also had to put away a bunch of clean clothes too.

I spent a bit of time on my computer finally, then made my lunch. After that, I headed out to the school. I stopped at the drug store on the way.

When I was changing in the school, and doing my set up, it happened. I took my rings off and I dropped my engagement ring. When I picked it up again I noticed it looked funny. I looked closer and realized that the amethyst had broken. A big chunk of my stone had fallen off. ACK. I couldn't find the missing piece. I was really upset. I think I've written before about how much I love having an amethyst ring rather than a diamond.

My class went well tonight. The student needs a bit of help with his reading I think. I may have to try and do some remedial work with him. He's really not bad these days though.

I called Fumihiko and asked him to come and get me. I told him what happened with my ring and I apologized. He borrowed it from me. He didn't seem to be angry about it. It was an accident and I feel terrible about it.

We came home and I got the rest of dinner underway. I boiled some penne, sauteed some broccolini, set the table, you name it. Oh, F did make coffee, so that was nice. The only problem was when we were eating. He was also watching some sort of championship baseball game, so I think I could have given him sawdust and he'd have eaten in. In a break he did say to me that dinner was good, so he was sort of forgiven, but gah! If I'd known there was baseball on tonight I would have gone out for dinner!

After the game (and the next show) F did the dishes while I got on line. Around 11 we snuggled up on the couch to watch American Idol. It was pretty much like I remembered the first time. I did more crochet, which was relaxing.

And that was my day. It was good, but a bit sad what with my ring. Oh, I received a bookmooch today too, from Slovenia. Isn't that cool?



Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about your ring! I love amethyst too, it's a lovely stone, I have a ring with that stone too. I hope F can fix it for you!

Lily said...

Ugh, sorry about the ring. If it makes you feel any better- Masa lost the Tiffany wedding band I bought him. It disappeared somewhere ontop of a mountain in Akita- so now there is a bear out there wearing a kind-of expensive platinum ring *lol*. But with all the moves and all the children, I haven't been able to afford to replace it and he is going onto 4 years without a wedding ring- I refuse to use money he has earned to buy it so goodness knows when he will be sporting one again.

The chicken sounds like it was yummy.

Helen said...

Thanks ladies!
Well, I'm hoping that he will get my ring fixed. I saved him a bundle by not getting a diamond one in the first place, so maybe he can afford to get it fixed??? I hope!

At the moment it is sitting in the kitchen in a not secure spot, so it's not looking too good.

I keep hoping that my wedding ring will get lost or damaged because I don't like it as much as my engagement ring. I picked my engagement ring out, but was gifted my wedding ring and it doesn't match.

And Lily, the chicken was yummy. We're going to have the leftovers tomorrow night.