November 5, 2009 - Thursday - Guy Fawkes Day

Mostly sunny, but many clouds at times. A little cold.

Had a mostly quiet day at home today. I got up this morning and there was both the news and the Brit Drama I missed last week on at the same time. What is it they say about feast or famine? I watched the news, then flipped over to the drama.

I stayed in my pajamas rather late today. Finally though, I got dressed and went to see if I could get a haircut. I went past the salon, but the curtain was over the door. Sigh. I thought I'd come back and check later. I went to the mall and hacked around for a bit. Then, I went back to the salon. This time the lights were on, but my stylist wasn't there. Her mother was, and was doing someone's hair. The mother doesn't really talk to me, but basically the message was I couldn't get my hair done today. It might be weeks before I have another chance.

I came home and spent quality time with my computer. F came home around 7 pm and immediately started a load of laundry and then went to bed. I went to see him, had a snuggle and talked about dinner. He said he'd get up and come out with me. Fast forward to 9:30 pm, when I went back into the bedroom, woke him up and sort of nicely demanded that we do dinner now!

He finally roused himself, then spent a good 10 minutes searching for his car keys. He'd thoughtfully washed them. And some of his medicine. Egad. Don't know why he doesn't check his pockets first!

We had a fairly decent dinner at Gusto. We were both quiet, him especially. These days he's really tired when he comes home. There's something going on at work that I'm not sure I should talk about. Anyway, it's causing him a lot of mental stress. His lower back is acting up now too, so he's not really a happy camper at all.

He came home, went to bed again, but got up to watch ER. Then before he went to bed he started mopping the floor. Huh? He said it was sticky. Oh? Course he didn't sweep it all first. He swept a little, but not enough.

The last couple of hours I've just been vegging at my computer. I'm up late again, and I really shouldn't be. I need more sleep, but I don't know when I'm going to get it. Wish me luck with that.

Anyway, off to bed. Have a great day everyone!

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Kelly said...

Oh yes, Yasu has washed his car keys and his mobile phone before too. Must be a man thing? ;)