Advent Calendar, Day 9

Welcome back to today's Advent Calendar update. Today's building is on the upper left side. It is a big one chimney house. There are lights on inside and it looks nice and warm.

It should be clickable for larger viewing.

Also, last night I went back, and corrected my spelling of Calendar in the titles. Oops. I use the autofill sometimes and I had spelt it wrong once and the mistake kept following me. Sigh. Bad me.


Sherry said...

My iPhone does that. I am terrible at spelling and now my phone is too! I've even taught it all the naughty words.

Helen said...

Ooh, naughty words? Like Nutella? Bah ha ha!

I used to buy it and hide it from my hubby, so he wouldn't get it. I'm just so mean!