December 19, 2009 - Saturday

Cool with a bit of wind and a little snow.

When I got up this morning I had a bit of a think and I decided to cancel my remaining class for today. It was the early class, which meant that F and I would have had to go immediately to the school to do snow shovelling, plus try and have breakfast and neither of us were in great condition after all the snow shovelling from the day before. We faxed the student's family and said that we were cancelling the day's lesson because of the bad weather. The roads around my school are not in great condition and at the moment, getting into my parking space isn't very easy.

I watched the news this morning and silly as it sounds, ended up in tears at the end of the show. I have really enjoyed watching Charlie Gibson on the news, and it is sad to think that he won't be there any more. Even F was a little sad, and he doesn't even watch the news with me usually.

I went and had a sleep after the news. I went to bed and woke up around 2 pm. I was surprised to be honest. F had gone out to buy kerosene and I hadn't even heard him leave. My arm and back muscles have been hurting a lot, plus I've also developed a painful foot problem, so I just needed more sleep. I did feel a lot better when I woke up.

We had brunch in Jiro and then headed out to the mall in Mikawa. It was quite amazing to see the amount of snow in places. I can't really believe it. We got so much and it isn't even winter yet.

At Mikawa we went shopping for Christmas presents. We basically told each other what we wanted and then let the other person buy it. However, I told F that I wanted something "fun" too. I don't really like knowing exactly what I'm getting. I wanted to have some surprises on Christmas day. I got him some stuff, but while I was looking at puzzles for him...who should come walking by, but him. Argh. Then, when I was heading into one last shop for a snoop, I bumped into....him again. Gah. Anyway, we ended up meeting for gingerbread lattes at Seattle's Best. They were okay.

We drove back into Tsuruoka and went to karaoke. We had free time so we ended up singing away for 4+ hours. It was fun. I did a bunch of Christmas songs along with many of my old favourites. We had some food at the karaoke box, so we didn't need dinner afterwards.

We came home and vegged for a while. F went to sleep a little earlier than I thought he would, but he is a bit tired with this weather. When we came in the apartment building tonight I heard an interesting sound. Dripping. It's melting out there. It can't happen soon enough for me. Probably won't last though.

And more Christmas cards tonight. Hurray. There were three in my mailbox, and a note from the post office that there are two packages waiting for me. TWO. Yay!

Got to go. Night.
Here be pictures.

These are some pictures of the areas around our city. The first two are in the parking lot of this apartment building, just to give an idea of how much snow is there. F is quite tall, and the snow comes up quite high on him.

This is an empty building in the parking lot of the karaoke box.

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