December 11, 2009 - Friday

Sunny and clear in the morning, rainy later on.

An okay day. I got up in time to watch the news to day, just in time to make hubby move over on the couch so I could watch the news. It was quite good, and he'd made coffee for us too, so it was nice.

We had a quiet time at home and then we went out for lunch. We drove over to Cafe Framboise. We both had the steak lunch. I thought it was really nice, F liked it, but not as much as I did. After that, he dropped me off at my school.

At school, I did a little cleaning, changed and got my school ready for my lesson. My student was a little late, but made it. We had a good time. It was a little sad because today was her last class, but next week she'll come to our party and maybe she'll be able to join a group class next year. Maybe!

After class I cleaned up, did paperwork and waited for F. And waited. He was supposed to call me at 5 pm, but by 6 he still hadn't called. I sent him a text message and he called me back. He had been at his mother's house. He did a lot of running around for her and even bathed his dog. I'm glad, and I was inside and warm, so really didn't mind too much that he was late.

We did a little running around and then went for dinner to Kintaro Sushi. We had a good dinner there. After our dinner, we went to another restaurant. Why? To make a reservation. They were in the middle of a wedding party so they didn't really want to see us, but when they heard that we weren't going to eat there tonight, they were happy to help us. I've made a reservation, but then I have to let them know which party plan to have.

We came home after a quick stop in the grocery store. We had a quiet evening. F finally watched Memphis Belle. We rented it last Saturday and he has to return it tomorrow. I enjoyed watching it again. It has a really good cast. My favourite person stayed the same though, David Strathairn. He's just so good in everything that he's been in.

Anyway, that's about it for my day. Tomorrow I really won't see much of my hubby as I'm at work during the day and he has a party tomorrow night. Hopefully he'll pick me up after my work and then take me somewhere to get dinner before he goes!

Talk to you tomorrow night. Night!

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