December 14, 2009 - Monday

Rain which turned into snow. Ack!

This morning was nice. We woke up, had breakfast and then we drove back to Tsuruoka. We came home for a few minutes, then F drove me off to meet my friend Shimi. She was waiting at the appointed place, but, the restaurant was closed. Oh no! I managed to flag F down before he left and he drove us to another restaurant, then joined us for lunch. The three of us had lunch at the Grand Elson. Shimi and I had pasta. Mine was gorgonzola penne and was so good. After lunch, we took Shimi to a couple of places that she needed to go, and then left her at her friend's house.

F and I went to Musashi, to get a few things for my school. I really needed some insulation for the windows, which I got, and some cleaning goods. I bought them and we took them to my school. The weather by this time was getting awful and there was no doubt that this was snow. It couldn't be called rain anymore. Yuck. We went to my school and put up the insulation. I bought too much of one kind and F wanted me to tape it up to the window. That might be okay, if he could guarantee that the tape wouldn't stick to the window permanently. Also, the only kind of tape that I keep in the school is magic tape for paper. Not the sort of thing that is needed at all.

We went to the bank to make a deposit for my school, then went to have coffee at Mr. Donuts. The Mr. Donuts is next to the LeoPalace company building, so we went in to talk about my school's parking. I was hoping we could move the parking space to somewhere easier to clear. My parking spot is 4 cars over from the entrance. That means that I not only have to clear my space, but also the entrance when it gets ploughed over and the long driveway. My neighbours do nothing. Seriously. They don't clear any of the snow at all. Readers of this blog might even remember last year when I was "gifted" someone's snow on top of mine. With people around me like that, why would I want to do all that work? Basically the guy said that nothing could be done, except I could ask for March. People may change spots then. I said that March would be too late. Winter will be over by then. He didn't have much sympathy, just kept telling me to phone the 24 hour hotline. I wanted to ask if they understood English there!

We had our coffee and a doughnut afterwards, then came home for a bit. F wanted to watch his DVDs that he bought in Canada. Except, he didn't know where they were. I wasn't even sure if he brought them back, so I fired off an email to my sister. 5 minutes later he found them. Men!

We watched a couple of episodes of Alias Smith and Jones. It was a lot of fun. I remember that I used to have a big crush on Ben Murphy, and I even had a poster of him in a scene from the show. It'll be interesting watching more of the series if F lets me watch it with him!

We had a cheap and cheerful dinner in Gusto tonight. We both had steak. It was cheap steak, not so great, but okay. On the way home we bought groceries at our local. I'm going to try and do a slow cooker meal tomorrow. I'll have to set it up before work. Wish me luck with that!

We had a quiet evening in. I watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Grey's had Eric Stoltz on tonight as a man on death row. I told hub that he was also in Memphis Belle, the movie we watched on Friday night. It was okay, but I'm finding that Grey's has too many characters and I'm not caring much about them! On the other hand, Private Practice is turning into a soap and I don't like that. Sigh.

That's about it for me. I had a good weekend, much better than I expected. Hubby and I didn't really fight, even enjoyed ourselves together, so that was really nice.

Tomorrow I may have to walk to work, or I may be able to bike if the snow clears. I might even do a walk to work with my bike kind of thing. I'll have to see. Anyway, that's it for me. Night!

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