December 16, 2009 - Wednesday


Today was a quiet day. I found out last night that my student for today had cancelled and so I didn't have to go anywhere. I'm glad about that. However, I had thought about going to get my hair cut, but when I looked out my window I knew it wouldn't happen today! My goodness. There is so much snow. I hope that it isn't going to be like 3 years ago when it started in December and never stopped for the next 3 months.

F left the apartment early to do snow shovelling outside and to get to work on time. I stayed in bed. I'm so mean. When I got up, I made myself coffee then watched the news.

I wrote a few more Christmas cards today, especially the ones that were for Japan, and I got a Bookmooch request. Since I didn't have to rush back to go to work, I decided to walk to the post office and mail everything. It was so white out there! There is so much snow that the driveway for our apartment building is basically a one lane road. Heaven help you if you veer off the car tracks. The snow was up to my knees along the roadway. Granted, that isn't very high, but it gives an idea of how much is out there. I got to the post office and mailed off my stuff, then walked home and grabbed a snow scoop. I worked on clearing our parking space out. I'm sure I was out there for about an hour. I got it done mostly, but I didn't get it down to the concrete, and I didn't clear the lines either. I called it a day and went inside.

I found two Christmas Cards in the mailbox too. Yay! I waited for my hubby to call and he did. He said he was just leaving work and thought it would take an hour to get home. Usually it's about 20 minutes. An hour later he said that he was stuck in traffic, but close to the apartment. He also said if he walked from where he was he'd be home in 5 minutes! A bit later he did arrive, although he spent a while re digging the parking space as it had covered over quite a bit. Sigh.

He was tired and although I offered to make dinner, he suggested going out. We went to my school first, to reset the heater for tomorrow, then to Gusto for a quick dinner. We came home again via the grocery store. I got some English Muffins and some sausages, plus a salad for tomorrow's dinner.

We watched American Idol again. It's been fun watching the season again. It's also nice to have a show that we can both enjoy. We both love music, even if we like different genres, so it's been a good one for us. Tonight I told F something that I have noticed in the whole Kris versus Adam thing. I would love to see Adam in concert. I imagine that he'd do a heck of a show. I would enjoy listening to Kris on a cd when I wanted to relax. Their styles are quite different from each other, I like them both and they are both good singers, so hope they both have successful careers.

During the evening, I thought about bringing F's jacket for work into the spare room to dry. However, I noticed he had several pens stuck in the lining. After F was in his bath, I grabbed the jacket, emptied out the pockets, fished out the pens and then sewed up the gaps in the lining. If he'd told me there were things stuck in the lining I'd have done it before. Still, it's done now, so I hope I didn't leave anything in the lining!

Anyway, I should get some sleep. Tomorrow I have two evening classes, so I have to go to work. I was thinking about cancelling, but it sets a bad precedent and I really should go in.

Talk to you tomorrow. Night!

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