December 22, 2009 - Tuesday

Rain, thunder, clearing...weird weather day.

Back to work today! I got up at a goodly time and had coffee and watched Diane Sawyer do the news today. She was good. Very gracious. I think I'll warm up to her eventually, if NHK doesn't decide to take off the news in favour of that sport with sticks...and I don't mean hockey!

During the daytime I did a lot of laundry. It had been piling up for a while and I didn't want to have to worry about it next week when I'm on holiday. So, it's done. Yay me. I also wrapped hubby's Christmas presents. The ones that he knows about already, I didn't really wrap, but the others I did.

It rained rather torrentially during the early part of the day, but when I was ready to go to work it wasn't as fierce. It was raining enough to need my raincape though. I left just before it got dark, so when I was closer to my school it was a bit darker than I had hoped it would be. Still, I made it safely.

I checked the parking place and it was fine. There wasn't any new snow there. The entrance to the parking lot was a bit loose with all the rain, but I thought it would work.

I went in the school and proceeded to warm up the joint. It was cold in there. Although the heater had started it was only 13 degrees in the room. Brr. I did some vacuuming and generally got the school back in shape. I also read the Sunday and today's papers.

My student came and we had a good lesson. I grabbed a cup of coffee during the class, which is something I never do. I was cold and tired, not a good combo for me.

Afterwards I caught up on my paperwork and checked the set up for Thursday's classes. It was a good thing that I checked them, as one of them had to have the lesson plan pulled out. After that, I called F and asked him to come and get me.

He came and picked me up and we went to Gusto for dinner. It was a cheap and cheerful dinner. We had almost the same thing...a pork and bean sprout stirfry. He had his on noodles, I had mine with French fries. Yes, I shared!

We came home and watched the 2 hour season finale of American Idol. I really enjoyed it this time around. I'd missed a few scenes the first time. It was a good show I thought. There were lots of different genres of music too, so it was interesting to see who they featured doing them.

And that was that. Tomorrow is a national holiday. I have no idea what we'll be doing. Hopefully resting a bit! I'll talk to you tomorrow night. Bye!

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