December 23, 2009 - Wednesday

Cloudy with a bit of rain.

I slept in quite late this morning. My alarms didn't go off in my cell phone and F is quiet when he's bopping around the apartment. Anyway, I got up and worked on a few nengajo. I got all my student ones done, and a few of the more personal ones that I have to send.

We had lunch at Kintaro Sushi. It wasn't crowded at all. However, they were busy because many people called them for take out sushi! After lunch we just came home again and I did more nengajo.

In the evening F went to his mother's house and grabbed my snow scoop. Then he picked me up and we went to my school to make the exchange. I dropped off the student nengajo there too as I want to use my school's stamp on them. After that, gah. We had been discussing all night about where to go for dinner. F wanted either soba or ramen and I told him that I couldn't stomach any more Japanese food today. I thought we'd reached a compromise by deciding to go to an izakaya. I could get some salad, some chicken, lots of stuff, and F could get noodles if he wanted. I got back in the car, and he started whining about going to a ramen shop. "Fine," I told him, "Go ahead. But, take me to the grocery store first so I can get some food." He did take me to the grocery store and I was quite annoyed. I got myself some chicken and a salad, then we came home. He dropped me off and I cooked my dinner. He went off to his mother's to drop off the snow scoop.

I had a lovely dinner of spicy chicken wings and a salad. I cooked it, I ate it and I cleaned it up. It was great. When he came home, he made himself ramen. Then he proceeded to watch some crappy Japanese TV so I did my best to tune him out until I made him switch over for Ugly Betty. Hah. I missed the end of last week's episode. I missed a lot I think.

Anyway, we made up later on, and talked a bit. I'm wondering if it is possible to ride my bike to work tomorrow. I'd really like to, because I have a bad foot and walking isn't good for it, but it might be a tad dangerous. I guess I'll have to wait and see what the weather is like tomorrow.

Anyway, I have to go. I'll talk to you tomorrow! Night.

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