December 24, 2009 - Thursday

Clear and warmish!

A good day today. I got up, checked my computer stuff and then showered. When I came back I watched the Italian cooking show that is on. It's wonderful, but I have no way of making the stuff she does. In the afternoon, I watched Merlin on tape. I am really getting into that show. It's a neat variation of the Camelot legends.

During the day I had debated about going to work on bicycle or on foot. I decided to go by bike, so around 4 I hopped on my trusty blue Bridgestone. I was able to ride a lot of the way. I did have to walk in a few places, but generally, I did well. The one thing I dislike about melting days is local people just throw their snow onto the road so that cars will smash and melt it. It's fine for cars, with 4 thick tires to do that, kind of dangerous for a bicycle with 2 thin tires. I made a stop at the drugstore as I was quite early, and got some things for home and school. When I checked out, the woman asked if I wanted to use my points from my card so I said yes. I ended up getting a 1000 yen off coupon, so I got a nice big discount today. Hurray for me!

When I got to my school, I had a big surprise. The LeoPalace people had actually arranged for some snow removal! I was really surprised. They said they didn't do that. There was a big Cat and a truck next to it being filled with snow. Wahoo! It did make a big difference, I'm happy to say. Inside, my school was a little cool, but not bad really. I had set the heater last night. It warmed up quite a bit when I was there.

Classes tonight were fine. My first one cancelled tonight as she was too busy, but the other two happened. I was glad about that. I didn't finish for a long time afterwards as I had to catch up on my paperwork. Sigh. Always something to do there.

When F met me tonight, we went to Cocos for dinner. The reason was they had Christmas mud pie on special and we had coupons. Woot. It was quite nice actually. We didn't get home until after midnight though. Before he'd left home, I asked F to record ER for us tonight, but he forgot. I could tell that he was upset about it. However, when I got home and checked the paper, it wasn't on anyway. Whew. I'm glad I didn't yell at him or give him a hard time about it.

And that's about it. I watched the late night movie on NHK, Proof. I liked it a lot. I haven't seen Gwyneth Paltrow in that much so haven't been impressed, but she was interesting in this. So, now you know about as much as I do about my day! Have a merry Christmas eh! Night.

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