December 27, 2009 - Sunday

Grey day, bit of rain, cloudy.

I slept in very very late this morning. We didn't go to bed until 5 am. F got up after only 4 hours. I don't know how he can do that. I can't function on that little sleep. Still, he let me sleep and didn't get annoyed, so I am happy.

He wanted to have soba for lunch. Frankly, the thought of heavy soba just sitting in my stomach all day didn't make me happy. After a while and a bit of complaining on my part, I told him I'd go and have soba with him if he'd promise to have non-Japanese food for dinner. He grudgingly agreed. We went to about 3 soba restaurants and they were all closed. The thing is, they were all family run places and this is a family get together season. We ended up at New York, New York where we had a nice lunch. I had a burger, F had udon and we shared a pork salad. It was quite nice.

We headed out to the Mikawa mall to see if we could see a movie. We got there and discovered that the movie Avatar was starting in 5 minutes! 5! F got the tickets and I got the popcorn and drinks, and we went to see it. The story wasn't too complicated, but the special effects were quite good. I enjoyed it, but didn't quite feel it was worth all the fuss.

After the movie, we did a little shopping. I got more tea tree oil, and we tried to find a new belt for F. Man, is he picky. This one's too modern, that one's too flashy, and I wouldn't let him buy the one that was too long. Argh. His present belt is being held together with scotch tape if you can believe it. It makes me a little annoyed! We didn't find anything and decided to go for coffee. Seattle's Best had decaf listed as one of their brews of the day, so I ordered it. However, they had finished it for the day. I didn't want anything else, so I told F to get something and I wouldn't bother. We both ended up leaving. I hope he wasn't angry at me, but honestly. SB should have put some kind of marker over the note about decaf, or changed it. I prefer decaf if I had a choice.

We decided to have dinner in or near the mall, but in the mall wasn't much. Instead we went to an okonomiyaki restaurant behind the mall. It's a place where you cook your own. It was quite nice. We had two kinds, a mix with lots of mayonnaise, and one with shrimp and avocado. F made the first one, I made the second one. Afterwards, we shared an order of gyoza and an order of eringi and bacon. That last one was really nice. I would definitely have that again.

We drove home and had tea. We had just missed Mamma Mia (sob!) and there wasn't anything on so it was nice and quiet. Hurray. I let F have a look at the Apple store on line. I think I've got him talked into getting a Mac...and it may be soon! His computer is down with the second major virus of its life, the screen has two lines running down it and it just plain old doesn't work that well. I think it's time he got a real computer :-)

Tomorrow I'm off at home. I may go to the bank if the weather is okay. I have to deposit some money for my school and I'd like to get a calendar if I can. I also have to pay a bill as I'll be out of prefecture when it comes due.

That's it for me for tonight. Have a good one, and I'll talk to you all tomorrow, more than likely! Night.

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