December 28, 2009 - Monday

Cool and rainy, maybe a little snow.

I had a quiet day today. I stayed home for the most part. I had thought about going out, but decided not to as the weather was so bad. Instead, I vegged and watched Project Runway repeats and my weekend TV.

In the evening F came home and called the Electric shop. His computer was ready, so we went and picked it up. I had a gander around the store and drooled over a lovely Mac that was there.

We had dinner at the Tonkatsu restaurant. The food is good there, but sort of boring. F always wants to have the same thing, and I'm just going there to be nice, so really I didn't pick much of what we ordered. I got a nasty splinter in my hand from my pair of chopsticks. I couldn't get it out either, so it was sore for a bit.

We came home after the meal and F made us some coffee. I took the splinter out and then went back to work on my column for the Journal. I think I chose some interesting films this time. I finished a little after midnight and then did some tweaking on it.

That's about it for me. I'll be out of town for a couple of nights. We're going to Sendai to live it up and have some fun. Wish us luck with that! Some of our trips don't end that well, so cross your fingers for me eh?

Probably no updates for the next couple of days. Night night.


Vicky said...

May 2010 bring you much happiness.

See you soon at the convention!

Helen said...

Thank you! And to you as well!

And yes you will! It's in less than a month. I'm getting excited :-)