December 3, 2009 - Thursday

Rainy most of the day.

Today was an okay day. It was a big TV day for me. I got up and saw State of Play was on, taped it and watched the news. I also watched the Perfect Housewife show later on.

In the afternoon I got really sleepy. I couldn't keep my eyes open so I had a nap on the couch. I felt quite a lot better after I woke up finally.

I ate my late lunch and then went off to work in the rain. It was a bit sad, but it was dark when I left here. I had an uneventful ride, thankfully.

At school I set up for my classes. I had a feeling that my first class wouldn't show up and I was right. She called me right before the time to say that she couldn't come. I used the time to read my newspaper and check my next class. My next class was fun today. I was teaching about food, so I had props in class. We used real apples and real orange juice. I think the students enjoyed it. My last class of the day also went well. She was hungry though. I think she was embarrassed, but I get a growly stomach too sometimes, so I fed her some cookies!

After class I finished up, and then F picked me up and we went off to get something to eat. F's first choice didn't have parking so we drove around discussing options and finally ended up at a Thai restaurant/izakaya. We went in and had a small but expensive meal. It was quite nice. F wanted Tom Yan Kum soup, which was really too hot for me, and I chose a noodle dish that was great. We also had some grilled sausages and lemongrass tea. Yum.

When we left we went to the grocery store to get some more food. I was a bit hungry, but there was nothing at the store that I wanted. I hate that feeling! We bought a few things, but then came home.

We watched the episodes of ER that we had put on the HDD, but F fell asleep on them. I enjoyed them however. F went to bed when they were over and now I'm blogging away before I go to bed.

That's about it for now. I'll catch you later? Night.

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