December 5, 2009 - Saturday

Sunny in parts, then rainy at night.

Big surprise here, it's late and I'm just starting to blog. That means that you get the fast and dirty version of my day!

Hubby and I had a good morning at home, then went out to have lunch at Gusto. I packed up all the presents that I want to give to people just before I left and put them in a suitcase. I grabbed a bunch of wrapping paper and tape too.

I had two classes at work today and they both went well. I talked to my newest student to see if she was enjoying her lessons and she was. Whew! I know Japanese people rarely disagree to your face, but I really think she meant what she said.

After my class I finished up and then F came over with the suitcase and paper. We spent the next 2 hours wrapping presents for Christmas. F was amazing, he did a really good job and was a huge help today.

When we finished we were both hungry so we went to the Evil Place for dinner. We both ate too much, but actually rather enjoyed it tonight.

We drove out to Tsutaya to rent a dvd for my column, but sadly we couldn't find ANYTHING to fit the parameters of it. Eek. Sigh. Luckily I have a good memory, but I'd like to add some newer films.

We came home and watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles which was fun. After it was over I worked on a project on my computer. I'm making a cd of music for my niece. She likes one song from the 40's and 50's so I'm hoping to increase that number by letting her hear a few others from that era and the modern versions of the songs. Her mum likes rock and pop and country, but not the oldies. For the last couple of hours I've been bopping around to Bette Midler, Dean Martin and The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Great stuff.

Tomorrow I have to try and get up early in the hope that we might be able to send some of our stuff off. Wish us luck. We're not sure if the post office is open or not. The website wasn't too helpful in that regard. Sigh.

Gotta go...I'm Swingin' the Mood with Jive Bunny. Night!

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