December 7, 2009 - Monday

Rainy, with hail and a touch of snow.

Today's weather made it less than tempting to go out, so I didn't! I decided to sleep in a bit this morning, then got up and had a relaxing day around the apartment. I watched some of the TV I had taped from the weekend, including the first episode of Project Runway Season 5. I was so happy to see it after all this time. Yay.

I did a bit of housework in the afternoon and then rewarded myself with a Jason Statham film that I'd taped. He is so yummy. The film was okay too. I wouldn't say it was the greatest, but a bit better than his usual stuff. It was The Bank Job, which is supposedly based on a true story.

When F came home a bit after 6, I put him to work right away. We went out for ink for my printer, then dinner. After dinner we bought a few groceries before coming home again.

At home, F watched some boxing and I did some printing on my computer and then started my Christmas Cards. Finally! I watched Grey's Anatomy and then Private Practice. They were okay tonight. I'm not sure where Private Practice is going. I like some of the characters, but I'm starting to lose interest.

And that was my day. It was quite good really. I finally feel a bit more relaxed. Tomorrow I have evening classes, so I hope to either get more cards written or get some of them sent in the daytime. Wish me luck with that! Night.

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