December 8, 2009 - Tuesday

Sunny but cool. Nice day.

I had a good morning. I got up in time to watch the news, watched it and then went on line and did some stuff there. After that, I wrote a few Christmas cards. The original plan was to go to the post office and mail a few, but time slipped away and I didn't.

I planned to watch Hamlet 2 this afternoon, but sadly I had messed up when I recorded it, and all I got to see was an hour and a half of blank tape. Okay, I didn't really watch the whole hour and a half of blank tape, but if I did, it would have been better than most of the crap on J-TV.

After my lovely lunch, I set off to the school. I used our new bicycle pump on my bike tires and it was great. It worked fast and well. Then I toddled off. I made good time today and the school was reasonably warm when I got there too. Hurray for preheating it.

My classes went quite well today. The first one did really well, the kid is great, the second one was different than I had planned. The student brought her pictures from the US to class, so we went through them and talked about her trip to the States. She had a great time.

After classes I did my paperwork, cleaned up, and half waited for F to call me. He didn't. After 9 I sent him an email. He might still have been working, I wasn't sure. He called me back. Apparently, he'd tried to text me, but my phone was still off. He picked me up and we went home.

I got cooking soon after arriving home. I made a stirfry again. I haven't made one in a while, and this was good. I used more fish sauce than usual and less vegetables than I usually do. We both had a big plate, but there was a bit leftover. F did the dishes and then we settled in to watch American Idol.

He's off sleeping and I should try to get some sleep soon too. So, I'm going to sign off for tonight. Have a good one eh? Night!

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