November 30, 2009 - Monday

Cloudy and a little rainy at night.

Mostly a good, quiet day. I stayed at home during the day. I was working on my computer doing a lot of unimportant things, so I felt busy, even though I wasn't. I watched some of the weekend's TV that I'd taped as well. Some was good, some wasn't.

Just before 5 F phoned to say that he'd be late. He was still in Yamagata city, so would be at least another 2 hours. He phoned an hour later to say he was just leaving. Wow. He arrived home a little before 8 pm.

We went out for dinner for tonkatsu. It was mostly nice, but halfway through our meal I noticed a speck of dust floating around. I kept watching it but it turned out to be a little spider coming down from the ceiling. F bravely grabbed the web and put it on the floor. I wouldn't have done that, so perhaps it was better that he did it!

We came home via the grocery store where we picked up our new pan. The store has had a reward program for most of the last month. If you spend enough you get a stamp, if you get enough stamps you can buy something at a discount. We got a steamer tonight. It looks like it'll be nice. I just hope I can figure out how to use it. I had wanted to get the pressure cooker they offered, but I realized that I hadn't a clue how to use it and if I couldn't read the directions I wouldn't be able to use it properly!

We had a quiet night in. I watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice tonight. I missed them last week so I was a little lost, but think I've caught up.

And that's about that. It was a nice peaceful day at home. Tomorrow I'm back to school with 3 classes. Wish me luck! Night.

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