January 1, 2010 - Friday

Snowy and windy day. Quite nasty out.

I had an early night last night. I did get up and saw in the new year with F, but went back to bed yonks before he did. I slept much later than him too! Sigh.

Didn't do much today honestly. Felt not great, so watched Back to the Future and then Jurassic Park on WOWOW. Both were fun, and killed the afternoon. In the evening, F started on about getting food, so we went out to Gusto for a quick meal. We also went by my school to pick up my nengajo that was sent there. I got a few. Yay.

We came home and had quiet time for a bit. After midnight I watched Hustle and F made miso soup. He does so much more cooking than I do. Thing is, I'm just not that hungry. Sigh. Yesterday he made so much soba and udon for the new year special thing that I almost lost it. I did end up eating it all, but I didn't need it. I don't have much appetite right now.

That's about it. I sent some email today, worked on my homepage tonight, nothing really exciting. It's scary out there, it really is. Anyway, nothing interesting to note right now. I'll talk at you later! Night.

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