January 11, 2010


Sunny but cool.

We had a good trip to Sendai. We bought F his new computer and tried to see Avatar in 3D. We didn't managed that one though. This morning, we had breakfast in the hotel, then checked out and went to the Natori mall. We were trying to see Avatar again, but we got to the theatre after the first show started and the next show wasn't for hours.

Instead we did a little shopping and then left for home. We couldn't listen to my iPod because I did a stupid thing. I left my iPod in the car on Sunday. I left it playing music all night. When I got to it this morning it was on song 334 of 356 or something of the playlist. Of course, after all that playing, the battery was almost gone. Sigh. What a dumb thing to do. Oh well. Still, I had bought a couple of new cds in Sendai, so we listened to one of them on the way home.

When we arrived in Tsuruoka, F took us for food. We had a very late lunch at Trenta. We had pasta and it was okay. Then we came home and tried to set up his computer. We couldn't get it to work very well though. It's the connecting to the internet that's tripping us up. Well, him up. I am trying to help, but he's got everything in Japanese and finds it difficult to talk to me when he's confused.

After a few hours I asked that we go out, so we did. We went to my school first to set the heater for tomorrow's classes, then went to the grocery store for groceries. I suggested that F make dinner tomorrow night as I'll be working late. When he tried to pull his, "I don't know what to make" bit I suggested a couple of dishes off the top of my head and he agreed to make something. Yay! I have a long day tomorrow and I really don't want to eat out again so soon.

Came home, had a late dinner of take out from the store, then I watched the crossover show of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. It was okay. Some of it was rather neat, but overall, I'm a bit "meh" at the whole thing.

Anyway, we both had a nice weekend. I think F was really surprised when I got up yesterday around 9:30. I'm pretty sure he didn't think I would. But, as I've told him a few times, if you make plans, I'll get up!

Tomorrow we're both back to work. Talk to you tomorrow night then. Bye!


Orchid64 said...

I'm curious about your husband's computer. Did he get a Windows or Mac machine? I'm guessing Windows.

Helen said...

Nope, Mac! We went to the Apple Store in Sendai. We could have ordered it of course, but it was a long weekend.

His old computer was Windows and wasn't very good. Hopefully this one will be better.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the new Mice? Oh my gosh.. just looking at the newbie.... I was salivating.

Helen said...

We looked at them, but I didn't buy any. They were gorgeous, just so different. Maybe after I get tired of the one I have now!