January 13, 2010

Snowy and cold. Brr.

I woke up to a white world today when I looked out my window. Yuck. It had snowed a little overnight and was cold to boot. I had a good morning at home though. I watched the news, a documentary and read the paper. I took my shower and came back to the living room and watched a silly movie, Drillbit Taylor. It was basically My Bodyguard, but instead of just one kid it had 3 kids hiring the bodyguard. The bodyguard was played by Owen Taylor so he was a bit more comedic than Adam Baldwin. It wasn't a realistic film in any way, shape or form though.

At two I watched The Unit. I like the show, but sometimes I have problems with the violence and the whole army thing. I do like the way they tell the men's stories and the stories of their wives and girlfriends too.

At 4 I had to head over to work. Well, I didn't really HAVE to, but I wanted to be there before dark, which is around 5 pm. I went outside and decided to clear off our parking space for F. I was thinking to do a Brazilian on the area, but then realized that he'd never get the joke, and would think I was too lazy to clear the whole area. I put our shovel back in the building then set off. As I passed the bike shed, I noticed that my bike was on its side, so I stepped in to pick it up. Of course, there was one bike on top of it, so I pulled that one up first and put it further into the shelter so the wind wouldn't catch it. Then, I pulled mine up. As I did that, I somehow lost my balance and nearly went over onto another bike. I didn't fall, but I did catch my left ankle on the other bike. I'm sure I'll have a lovely bruise there soon. It really hurts. I swore a lot and then pulled the other bike up too. I limped off on my way.

The walking wasn't difficult and it wasn't snowing at the time, so it wasn't too bad. It was a bit windy, and the snow was freezing into ice, so I'm glad that I left home when I did. I made a brief stop into the convenience store, then after a bit got to the school. At the school I cleared off the front steps and then my parking place a little. I didn't do much as the snow was mostly frozen on the ground, but I did a bit.

The school was getting quite warm, which was nice. I did a bit of cleaning and setting up for tomorrow's classes, also a bit of setting up for my one today. When the student came we had a good class. I think he's getting the grammar, he just doesn't know it! His mum has asked me to work on spelling with him, so I'll be working on that soon. Honestly though, I think I need to work on reading with him too!

After class I did paperwork and then a little more sorting out of classes. Then I called F and he picked me up. I offered to make pasta for dinner, but he wanted to have soba. Sadly for him the restaurant was closed so we went to New York, New York instead. I had chicken, F had udon.

We came home and had a quiet evening, but we did watch Ugly Betty on the TV. I was trying to make a crossword puzzle with some of the software on the net, but a lot of it doesn't like Macs. Sigh. I found one I could use, if I was willing to pay $50. I'm sure if I did this everyday, it would be worth it, but I rarely make crossword puzzles, so I'm not biting. As F was going to take his bath I apologized to him for not really being with him tonight. I felt bad. I hardly talked to him at all.

Anyway, that was my day, more or less. It was quite a good one. I get to go to bed soon and in a few hours I can do it all again. Yay! Or not. Night.


Anonymous said...

NOT fair. Can you send some snow my way. I live in Nagoya City but not downtown, yet downtown got snow, again and again but we didn't.... it was minus 3 here last night.. very cold that I actually took out my slippers...

The Mr. thinks we are too far south of the city.. right at the border... man...but windy as heck I tell ya.... I heard things flying around all night.

Helen said...

Absolutely! I'll try sending snowy vibes your way.

If you like I'll takkyubin you some until it arrives. We have lots.

Thanks for visiting :-)

Orchid64 said...

I noticed my RSS feed of your blog is a day behind so my comment is as well!

Reading your statement about reading the paper and having snow reminded me of why I stopped getting a real paper. Long before internet sources made it less valuable, we had problems with them not delivering when it rained and nearly every Monday morning. We got sick of badgering them and getting nowhere so we canceled.

I hope your service is more reliable than mine was!

Helen said...

Our paper delivery is pretty reliable to be honest. The person who does it manages to get here through some pretty bad weather. Once in a while it might not come because of a problem with the distribution to the area, but it is quite rare.

Thanks for visiting :-)