January 14, 2010

Cold and snowy today.

I got up this morning and it was cold inside. I turned on the heater and went back to bed for a bit. Later, I got up and watched the news and then read the paper. I showered and then came back to the living room in goodly time to watch the Tim Gunn fashion makeover show. I enjoyed it.

I had a quiet morning at home. It slid into the afternoon and then F called me. That was a bit of a surprise. He told me that he wasn't feeling well and had taken the rest of the day off work. Sigh.

He came home around 3 pm. I was cooking my lunch so I made some tea for us. He had yogurt and tea, then a bit of a nap. After I finished washing my dishes, he drove me to work. Yay. It wasn't nice outside.

When I got to the school, I did a lot of snow shovelling. It really wasn't too bad today. The snow was very light and powdery, and there wasn't that much of it either. Still, I had to do a pathway to the building, the actual parking space, and the front entrance to the building. I came in after and started getting ready for work.

At the school I was just preparing when my student called to say she couldn't come. Sigh. We rescheduled for Saturday. I hope she can come then. I took a break after a bit, and then got the next class ready. I did something a little different in the kids class today, I got them to slam letter cards with rolled up newspapers (instead of fly swatters) when I made the sounds. I think they enjoyed it.

After classes, I finished up and called F to come and get me. He did, and we went to Cocos for dinner. I had carbonara and French onion soup. That was nice. We hit the grocery store on the way home. I'm going to make a stirfry again tomorrow night. I haven't made one in a while now. I'm kind of glad. I like eating out, but sometimes it is a pain when F is in a mood.

We came home and watched ER. It was quite funny as it involved hockey and Neela and Morris. They got in a fight. There were some quite serious things in the episode as well.

That's about it for my day. I was happy not to have to walk to work today, although if I want to go anywhere tomorrow, I'll have to walk. Sigh. Lovely snowy weather. Not. Gotta go. Night!

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