January 15, 2010


Snowy and a bit cold.

I did my usual morning stuff today, except I didn't get dressed for ages. Today was my day off and I used it to relax for a long time. Around 1:30 I decided to go out to the post office.

I put on a few layers and walked to the post office to mail something to a friend in Tokyo. I just hope that the post office doesn't crush what I sent her. I did that task easily, then I walked on to the convenience store to get a few things for myself for lunch. On the way back, I stopped in a little vegetable store near the post office and picked up a few things to go with dinner. I think the older lady who runs the store was very surprised to see a foreigner in her shop, but she still took my money! I got some broccoli, a cabbage, some onions and carrots. Everything looked really fresh and was a lot cheaper than the grocery store.

I came home, dumped the stuff in the genkan and went outside to do a bit of snow shovelling for F. I had our space cleaned off completely, and then did a bit of shovelling around the door so that people had a path to come int the building on. Of course, by the time hubby did come home it was completely covered over again, but he did notice it had been done!

I spent a quiet afternoon then just watching my shows and relaxing.

When F came home I got dinner underway. I did a stirfry, using the veggies I bought today and some of the ones I bought yesterday. I didn't use my usual fish sauce, just soy sauce but it was pretty good. F liked it a lot. There was even enough for me to take some for tomorrow's late lunch at work. F did the dishes and then we went out for a bit.

I needed to go to my school and set the heater. I set it to come one quite early tomorrow morning. It's colder now, and if I don't use the heater for a while it doesn't get warm enough. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be okay.

After going to the school we tried to go to Mr Donut for coffee, but the parking lot was full. It was practically empty inside so people must have been misusing their parking lot! We ended up going to McDonalds instead. It was nice to be out and talking to each other. F didn't even send messages on his cell phone when we were there. Yay.

We came home and F watched The Devil in Prada. He likes the movie, I don't. Why? It just seems so stupid to me. There's the big speech that Meryl Streep gives about why the two belts aren't the same, and why her assistant is wearing that particular colour and I have no idea what she's talking about. Everytime I hear it I try to understand why it is so darn important and I can't.

Anyway, after it was over, we switched channels and watched Wall-E in English. I had seen it in the theater in Japanese (which for most of the film isn't a big deal), but this was the first time to see it all the way through in English. It was sweet. I like it a lot.

That was my day basically. It was quiet but nice. Hopefully, tomorrow will go well. I'll have to shovel snow over at my school before classes. I hope that F will help me. He said he would, but sometimes we get on each other's nerves and he runs out on me.

Gotta go! Night.

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