January 17, 2010


Snowy, but not too much. Still a bit cold.

Had a good day today. I got up to stay around 12 and found a cheerful husband bopping around the apartment. He made us some coffee and bagels, I toasted the second round of bagels and poured second cups of coffee. Nice. We watched a couple of shows on NHK that were in English about places in Japan, kind of interesting.

After F took a bath, we went out for a late late lunch. We went to Kintaro sushi. It was nearly empty when we went, but we did okay. I had more to eat than F, but then again, he's still not feeling all that well, poor thing. By the time we left, the dinner crowd was starting to come in, so we did well I think.

We headed over to the laundromat that F likes to use, but there was a sign up that said it would close at 6:00 pm tonight. Huh? 6 pm on a Sunday? Crazy. All the big washers were being used and looked like they had just started, so we left. F said something about trying next weekend, but I told him there was no way I was going to remake the bed with dirty sheets! What was he thinking? I suggested a couple of other laundromats so we ended up going to the closest one of the two. It was okay, but was rather cold. The place we usually go is much bigger and a lot more convenient for people doing laundry. Still, beggars can't be choosers! I read some of my book, What Came Before He Shot Her by Elizabeth George. I'm really enjoying it. She does English voices quite well. I've had this book for ages, but just wasn't able to get into it. Now I am and I don't really want to put it down.

After the laundry finally got done, we folded it up and bagged it, then went for dinner. I was surprised when F suggested going to Simon, a French/Japanese fusion kind of place. The food is great and the prices are a little high. I was more surprised when F found it on the first try. Usually when he tries to go there he gets horribly lost, tonight he didn't. We had a lovely dinner. I had pork saute, F had fish.

We came home via the grocery store and got fixings for tomorrow's dinner. I'm going to try and make a curry nabe. I hope it'll be good.

We came home and watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was fun of course. They had great chemistry in that film, did Angelina and Brad. F watched some other stuff before going to have another bath and then bed.

I've been listening to the Adam Lambert cd and it's okay. Some of it is rather teen idol, but the thing about Adam is that he can really sing. Anyway, I should turn off the music, post my entry and get to bed. I should. I don't have to work tomorrow so I don't really feel compelled to go to bed yet. I'm so .... (insert adjective of your choice!)


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